Dream & Journey

Dream & Journey

This online workshop is so full of amazing creative activities that you are going to love!

It will speak directly to your heart! Your soul will remember what you came here to do!

You will get two full painting workshops, along with my Manifesting Mandala Course! Dream & Journey will help you

  • clarify your heart’s desires
  • find your passion
  • uncover your purpose
  • open to receiving through the creative flow of the Universe
  • beleive in your ability to make money doing what you love
  • and heal your relationship with money
  • all while having fun being creative

You do not need to have any painting experience at all! I will teach you step by step through video instruction.

Each week we will meet for a live zoom call to learn more, answer questions, and share our experiences. This will be recorded and made available for you to keep.

A supply list through a video will be given to everyone as they enroll.

Here is What to Expect

Week #1 – What do you want? Clarifying your heart’s desires through a guided journey meditation, journal prompts, creative art journal activities. Once you have gained clarity on what you want to create in your life you will also get the painting workshop The Energy of Vision where you will paint your own arrow of intention. You will be given guidance on how to believe in your heart’s desires and what it means to vibe with it.

Week #2 – This week we will work on identifying your limiting beliefs through journal activities, learn the importance of reframing and how to do this for each of your limiting beliefs. We will begin our Manifesting Mandala in our art journal where you will learn the 9 key aspects to manifesting. You will also begin your mandala painting, infusing your intentions into our canvas, and begin painting the background, adding layers of fun and flow to it.

Week #3 – Surrender, empowerment through intentions, and inspiration are all the topics this week. You will begin drawing your Manifesting Mandala in your art journal as well as begin to create form on your mandala painting.

Week #4 – In this final week we will add the final 3 important aspects to our Manifesting Mandala in your art journal finishing it up. You will then learn how to create your own Dream Mandala in your art journal, and add the finishing touches to your mandala painting, creating a vibrational energy that will exude out all your intentions into your room! You will be surrounded with your clear intentions vibrating out all around you, and now will know the important next steps to continue on the path of co-creating your life with intention day after day, year after year!

Who Am I?

I have been an artist, spiritual mindset coach, and teacher for over 25 years and am also the author of the book, The Creation Guild.  My vision is to help you find the freedom to step into your greatness and intentionally design your life in your highest creative flow.

Through many years as an international artist and author, I have learned that your creative flow is your place of power for creating in your life. Learning many deeper levels of connection through the years has been my passion, and training with my friend and mentor Gabby Bernstein has been an amazing honour. Having direct training from Gabby on her May Cause Miracles course and book, has certified me to teach her course, which I offer in my other course, “Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness.”  Through my shamanic training I have learned how our creative flow aligns us with the energy of the Universe. Join me as we tap into the Universal creative flow to discover and design your life of becoming your greatest creative force, rising up to your highest potential!


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