Your Manifesting Journey – Part 1

The Energetic Layers of Manifesting

Following the Gold Nuggets!

Hey there beautiful creator!

I have an easy message for you this morning.
All you need to do is press play and listen while you get ready for your day!

Seriously, you are going to want to listen to this video, because in it I talk about all the gold nuggets that will help give your personal manifestation journey an energetic boost.

Manifesting is all about the layers of energy!
And in this video I hit on these energetic topics:

  • Shifting your energy to attract more abundance
  • What I do to manifest quickly
  • How to trust your desires are truly meant for you
  • Why shifting your belief to your heart center is soooo important,
  • How to follow the gold nuggets from the Universe, 
  • And I answer a few common concerns of move stuck energy and what’s going on there at an energetic level, 
  • And what is actually happening when you receive some money but then get a bill for the same amount! (Why is this happening!!!)

Enjoy this part 1 and join me tonight for part 2, live on my Janice Gallant Art Facebook page at 6:30pm MST

Dream & Journey begins September 1st – Learn more here

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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