Your Heightened Awareness Creates Energy

Hello, my creative friend!

When you hit rock bottom, you have enormous focus to rise up again. This was my experience many years ago after being backed into a corner and claiming bankruptcy. 

My awareness was heightened to such a point that nothing was going to take me down again.

I rose up with a focused intention to figure out this manifestation thing and create a legacy for my children.

And to understand why I hit rock bottom and created that in my life anyway! Because I was going to make sure it never happened again. I decided to become a Master Manifestor! 

This focus opened me up to so many beautiful miracles.

This heightened awareness on the areas of my life that needed to heal, to shift, to grow brought me to a life that has been intentionally designed and is full of abundance.


When you bring your attention to an area of your life that you want to improve, it is like a beam of warm sunlight finally shining on the flower just waiting to bloom. The Universe pours through you into your focused vision.


Here is what I know for sure:


You have the power within you to create change, to heal and grow into the life of your dreams. And you are now determined to shine the light on your life. 


You have had enough of struggle.

You have had enough of having to lean on others.

You have had enough of disappointment.

You have had enough of your dreams being crushed by others.


I know. I have been there. I lived it and rose up through it. 

It doesn’t matter where your life is at. It can always get better.


I am here to tell you that you can absolutely have your dreams.

You can watch them emerge in your life.

And I want to support you to get there. 

It is about clear vision and focused awareness. 

And taking the inspired action along the way. 


It is not always easy, but it is way easier than what you have been through. 

You have already shown you have the strength. 


Now, do you want to commit fully to you, instead of everyone else?

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams? 

Are you ready to bring your heightened awareness to becoming fully you?


I am happy to share that The Soulfully Aligned You Creative Portal is now open for you to join this already powerful group of women from July to December.

The Soulfully Aligned You Creative Portal is your home base.

Here each woman finds a safe space to sink into her soul, open her heart, grow, expand, and empower herself. 

Your stars will now begin to align as you sink into the depths of your creative flow. 

You will embrace grace and fire in your life. 

Your inspirations will flow. You will feel a knowing, deep within you. 

You will feel your purpose, know your gifts, live from your heart, embrace your amazing light, and realize your next step. 


You will rise into your light. 

You will embody your light. 


You will walk a clear path, with clear boundaries and will not be afraid to shine in all ways. 

The Soulfully Aligned You Creative Portal brings you a sacred practice. 

A soul-centered, creative, sacred practice that will support you month after month. 

A consistency that will allow you to open your heart, to feel safe to BE the woman you were meant to be. 

There is no rushing. 

It is a gentle unfolding of your beautiful wings for the world to seethat you are meant to be here, you are meant to shine brightly, you are here to take up your space and create a shift of energy all around you.

You are the one we have all been waiting for. 

This is for you.

Come home to your heart. 

Live from your soul. 

In your home, your work and fully in your life, in all ways. 

Be fully you, 

The you, who you were always meant to be. 

It is time for you.

Join our group now, click here to learn how to join us:

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!

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