Your Commitment to You Matters Most

Are you fully in?

I woke up to this in my mind on Sunday morning.

Are you fully in? 

In previous years I felt like this kind of question was telling me to go harder, so my initial reaction was to pull back from it.

We hear it all the time, “go hard, go all in, commit to the game!”

Ugh! It’s exhausting!

Let’s face it, along with so many others, I am tired.

I could use a holiday. And I know you could too.

I have been straddling my part time teaching in a classroom of middle school students, while building this wonderful heart filled business of mine, for a couple years now. 

And it is March.

I just completed a month that began with a quarantine (quick switch to teaching my students from home) along with report cards, parent teacher interviews and a big course launch.

Seriously, I hit the wall on Friday (this is a repetitive pattern for me that I am really working on)

So please understand, although I teach awareness….I am right in there learning along with all of you. 

But this question kept repeating in my mind, “Are you fully in?”

After two days of self nurturing and rest, I heard it at a deeper level.

Am I fully committed to me, to my one life here?

Not to my teaching, not to my business, not to my relationships.

Are you truly committed to living your fullest, happiest life? Are you fully committed to what is in your heart? 

This has nothing to do with work, business, family, friends or serving in the world.

This was about listening to my heart. Listening to your heart. 

Are you waking up in the morning with excitement for the day, listening for guidance and following that inspiration?

Or are you waking up with the to-do list running through your mind, and that little voice saying, “I really should be….”

My guides will not let me go very long living off track of my heart.

This is due to my work on awareness. I come back much quicker now. 

I am, and you are too, worthy of a life that is filled with exhilarating work, as well as fun, relaxing vacations.

Do you feel worthy of a thriving lifestyle like this?

When you are running through your life, you are off center and you are not living in an empowered state.

So it is time to come back home, realign with your heart and your natural empowered being.

Worthiness, your most empowered state of being, comes from our moment by moment choices.

Each moment in your life brings an opportunity for you to chose between you and your one and only life, or putting yourself behind others.

Each moment you need to stop, listen to your heart and decide if your next step is one of empowerment or if it diminishes the light in your heart by a lot or a little. The choice we make next is ours, but it then becomes a conscious choice. And a conscious choice in itself can be empowering. 

As life gets busy and days fly by you get sucked into the draining path of serving others from a place of guilt, obligation or an unhealthy duty of “shoulds” that cause you to worry more about what others will think of you, or that you aren’t being very kind or supportive, instead of listening to your heart and hearing what action is truly good for you. What action will be inspired, supported and fill up your heart.

The world will drain your bucket if you passively allow it to happen.

But the Universe, your guides and angels, want your bucket full.

These invisible cosmic forces want you to fully commit to you and your life, while you are here. 

It is time to put yourself first with your rest, your health, your meditation practice, your learning, your growth, your happiness.

Are you fully committed to living with a full heart?

Are you fully committed to living in a healthy body?

Are you fully committed with your own personal growth and self-awareness practices?

Are you fully committed to allowing yourself time to rest?

Are you fully committed to putting you first, filling your bucket first, serving the light within you first?

It is only from a heart filled with love and gratitude for everything in our own life that we can truly shine our light out for the world. 

So this email is a reminder for you to remember, this is your life first. 

And you do this because it is good for you, regardless of what others may think. 

You have nothing to prove to anyone anymore.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!

Love Janice

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