You Are An Infinite Being

A Message for You!

Good Morning Creatives!

If you are seeing this, then it is absolutely for you.
And what a beautiful message for you; a channeled message.
Breathe this in and allow it to resonate in your body and take you to a higher level:

“I am the center of my Universe.
I am an infinite being.
I am limitless.

As you become more and more aligned with this knowing, everything that is not truth begins to crumble away.
A new knowing begins to burn within your heart.

It is in your heart that this truth has always lived and always will.
The moment you step into this new awareness of your infinite divine power, the clouds begin to dissolve.

Because here is where you realize you are the conductor of this co-creative dance.
You are the artist at the canvas.
You are the driver.

And all your tools to create, the fuel for you to move forward, are being supplied to you by the Universe.
The blueprint, the map are all revealed and you are now able to flow this creative energy into the channels that you direct it to.

But first you need to truly believe that you are standing in this presence.
That it really is all about you.
And also about so much more.

As you align with this truth and create in your life from this place of power, this high vibration ripples out to all of your loved ones around you.

You are creating for all the beings around you.
You are serving the world in a much bigger way than ever before.
Your creating makes a difference.

So do not shy away from this power, this light.
Do not let fears and doubts keep you in the shadow.

Bravely step up and claim this I AM presence.
And here is where we meet you.
And celebrate your return.

For in your heart you know this is home.

We love you immensely.
Your angel & guides of the highest truth and compassion.”

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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