Untethered Freedom

Untethered Freedom

Untethered Freedom

I remember, many years ago, driving home after a hard day’s work in a oppressive office setting. I was driving down a country road as we lived in a small town at that time and there were horses in the field next to me. As my car passed them they started to run along the fence line with my car. I felt an immediate release within me, letting go of all the stress of the day that was weighing me down. They brought me back to the moment and I laughed out loud as I watched them playfully kick up their heels and swing their necks. It lasted only a few seconds but the feeling is still with me today.

In Alberta, many of us are missing that feeling of freedom right now. It has been very dry here, in many ways. We have pulled so much from the earth through the oilfield work, there has not been enough rain this summer in many areas and the farmers are feeling it. Our economy has been dry for so long now and as school is starting up families are feeling the pressures of buying clothes and school supplies, shoes and fees for a new year. We can feel tethered down by all the ‘stuff’ in our lives….car payments, mortgage payments. Negativity begins to weigh on us especially when we go to make those monthly payments. We feel quite the opposite of freedom.

When really these are gifts we have brought into our lives. This is a lifestyle we have manifested and it easy to lighten the load and get rid of those things if that is what we choose to do (not your kids please). But it only takes a shift in your perspective to begin to make changes in your life and bring in the light again. If we can shift back to feeling the gratitude for the lifestyle, we will begin to feel the tethers loosening and the feeling of freedom coming back. We have choices, always choices and how we look at our lives is a choice. Freedom feels lightweight, like ease and flow, expansive and full of adventures and that feeling is always free and always available to us. When we can capture that feeling…then things in life begin to shift and bring more of that into our lives.

Here in this beautiful country we have horses all around us, reminding us of the beauty and freedom we have in our lives with free will. We even still have wild horses and there are not many places in the world that can say that. Drive through our beautiful back country, watch the horses and connect to your feeling of freedom. In Alberta, we love our horses, our land, our big skies and our freedom. When we feel this again, everything else will shift and the abundance will flow again. This dry time is temporary.

I hope you enjoy ‘Untethered Freedom’ and your day today.

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