Two Steps to Feel Worthy of Your Dreams

A Higher Sense of Worthiness Increases Your Manifestation Power

I look at my grandson, who is 2 1/2 years old and there is absolutely nothing, not one tiny little iota of the thought that he is possibly unworthy of all the things he could potentially accomplish and receive in life. And I know that every single adult around him feels the same way. We love him unconditionally and see all the amazing potential within him.

When you were born everyone around you looked at you; you were a beautiful, innocent little baby and they wished for all the blessings that could possibly come for you. When you were born, you were worthy of all these potential blessings because you were born. There wasn’t a God, angel or being sending babies to earth pointing out the individual ones that will be worthy enough to receive love, peace, joy and abundance. Every baby came with a full basket of worthiness!

The unworthiness that we choose (yes we choose it) comes from the experiences between the pure innocence and today. It comes from our own interpretation of how life has treated us, things we have said, things we have done, to ourselves or to others, or things done to us.

So your unworthiness is in your mind. This is good news!
Because you can change your mindset.

And you want to do this, because your feelings of being worthy is what will help manifest your heart’s desires!
Your feelings of unworthiness are lowering your vibration and this is impacting the flow of abundance to you.

The power of feeling worthy of all the gifts that are lined up for you is within you and when you feel that power you receive those gifts, because your vibration is raised high enough to allow the flow in.

And so the work you do within your mindset is all about releasing, unpacking, and heightening your awareness to all these feelings of unworthiness that you are holding against yourself. Trust me, these unworthy feelings can stay hidden from view, because we have felt them for so long they begin to feel normal.

So how do you do this?

There are 2 keys to unlocking this worthiness:

1.  First, you learn how to love yourself, forgive yourself, and release the shackles that are holding you down. This is not difficult, it is simply a committed practice. And this is what my course Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness walks you through. However, that course is closed now as we have already started it. (Let me know if you want on the waitlist for the next session.)  So there is something else you can do now to feel worthy….

2. The other secret to unlocking your own sense of worthiness is to connect with your body.
Yes, it is all about going in and really feeling your body. It is about learning how to feel safe in your body.

Here is why this works: 

Since you were this little innocent baby, you have had human experiences. Some of these have been great learning experiences, others maybe traumatic or have brought up strong emotions of fear, such as shame, blame, guilt, hurt, rejection, etc.
These strong emotions can become stuck in your energy field, whether you realize it or not, and as it lingers there in your energy field it creates a vibration. If you have too many of these experiences that have not been processed properly, you will have an overall vibration that is lowered.

No matter how many positive affirmations you do, your vibration will settle to an average output of these unprocessed heavy energies in your body.

So here is how you can work on cleaning up your energy so you can raise your vibration to a higher level:

Meditation helps heighten your awareness of how your body is feeling. This is mind, body and soul work.

Your body will respond to your feelings being held in your energy fields. Bringing your awareness to your body will help you feel into the where the energy is heavy or being held tightly, instead of flowing freely. You may feel it as tension, contraction or pain.

And as you become aware, then you can begin to release it by relaxing that area, sending light and love into it, and then looking at why it is there.

Awareness through stillness is the foundational step.
We need to slow down, show some love to ourselves and listen to our body.

Don’t worry, I am here for you sister!
I will walk you through this and make it easy for you!

Join me every day until the end of February for free guided meditations within Soulfully Aligned Women.
Every day at 7:17am MST I will walk you through a 10 minute meditation practice to help you raise your vibration.

Are you ready to:

  • feel more centered and grounded
  •  heighten your awareness of being in your body
  •  begin to feel safer in your body, building a bond of trust with yourself
  • feel more relaxed during your day
  • begin to access a feeling of peace
  • recognize the outer conditions in your life reflect your inner conditions
  •  learn how to love yourself a little more each day.

Click here to join me each morning.

And be sure to reach out to your friends, sisters, daughters, mothers and share this with them to join in too.
We are stronger together and the world needs our light now. Send them this link to join in too:

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

2 thoughts on “Two Steps to Feel Worthy of Your Dreams

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    Josie Peitzsche - February 22, 2021

    Happy Monday, Janice!
    Wow, what a powerful, enlightening blog entry! Love it, thank you. I was wondering if I may be put on the waitlist for any upcoming workshop sessions , please.
    Wishing you a most blessed day!

    1. Reply
      jgallantart - February 23, 2021

      Thank you Josie and yes I will add you to my wait list. My next one with the Dream Mandala is coming up very soon!

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