There Must Be More Than This!

Seriously? There Must Be More Than This!

Hey there Creator!

Do you remember when you reached that pivotal point in your life when you said, “There has to be more to life then this?”

One morning I was sitting in my car waiting for the windows to defrost. I was on my way to work, feeling completely exhausted and the day hadn’t even started yet.

I remember thinking how I just couldn’t keep going like this. I couldn’t keep pushing my body each day. I knew I would end up sick if I did. Then I thought, if I only had 10 years left in my life, is this what I would be doing?

And my next thought was, “Angels please help me, there must be another way.”

That was the moment I shifted from living a life to keep everyone happy, to the beginning of living a life for me; living my life, my one sacred journey that is mine alone. 

And everything in my life changed. It was like my guides and angels all jumped up and down cheering that finally we could get on with what my life purpose was about!

Have you made that decision yet? Have you fully committed to your life journey? Not the one that keeps you in your role of wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister….but the one that lights up your soul!

This is not selfish. This is purpose. And when you make that clear intention that it gets to be about you, it benefits everyone around you in so many ways, ways you may never truly know. But the light ripples out and creates shifts. Your shift may just give someone else close to you permission to shift too.

You are here to help anchor in the light for our world, and you know you are doing this when your heart lights up with excitement and joy. This is your life.

The other day I was very deep in meditation and felt a beautiful angelic presence with me. So I began asking some questions. The first question will may make you giggle a bit.

Lately I have been wondering about doing some kind of cleanse for my body to be able to receive messages more clearly, perhaps a juice cleanse or something, and here was the answer:

You may do cleanses to feel good. But you never need anything to receive us. Your intention to receive is all that is needed. You do not need to do anything else, the ability to receive is equally available to all, regardless of their physical body. Do what you need to do to help your body feel good. But it will not hinder or enhance your ability to commune with us.

Well that was good to know! I really don’t do well without food!

Then I asked if there was a message I could give for those who are on the edge of joining The Creative Mystic? What would be the message for them? And here is what came through:

When you open to receive, you open the gates of love to flow in. You receive so much more of everything good in your life. Who wouldn’t want this? For every being who joins us in wanting more, in setting intention to grow, you will be rewarded beyond your expectation. Your body will feel wrapped in love, a soft warm glow, your light will expand releasing the tightness and gripping in your world. You will begin to flow with ease and grace manifesting whatever you put your attention to. We encourage you to stay connected to your guides as this begins to emerge in your life with such rapid speed and ease. Your connection with your purpose will be your guidance system. It will be your compass as you drive more quickly through your life then ever before. We are here to guide your course in love. 

This was a beautiful message for all of you. I laughed a bit when the term ‘your guidance system’ came through as I know that is what Abraham Hicks calls it. But the message came through so quickly as I was writing that I did not have time to search my brain for a different word. It was appropriate.

And when I reread the part ‘we are here to guide your course in love’ I had first assumed they meant each persons’ path, but then realized they also meant The Creative Mystic course!

I know we will not be journeying through these next 6 months alone. Each of us in this course will be clearly guided. And our combined energy and intention will take us to levels we have not been before. I am as excited to get started as everyone who has already registered.

There are 11 women already in this course. Will you join us? We begin this Saturday August 1st and I am very excited for our first call together. Don’t question anymore, if you heart is calling click here now

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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