The Mystical Waters

Calling in Your Own Mystical Experience

Hello and welcome my creative friend,

The Mystic Path: to live in congruence with your beliefs and act on them, to embody consciousness. – Carolyn Myss

When I was very young I watched a tv program called The Flying Nun. I remember one time telling my grandmother I wanted to be a nun. I’m not sure if it was the habit they wore that I was enthralled with, or the grace that seemed to exude from the mother that the Flying Nun so often went to for advice. I think it was the latter because that really stands out in my memory. I remember my grandmother smiling and giving a little chuckle. She told me I would not like the life of a nun. And she was right.

I would have had to follow Catholicism, and that just didn’t jive with me.

However that search for grace never left me. The reverence I felt in a church, the deep knowing that there was something more has always been at my center. I have never doubted or questioned the presence of divine forces. And like a moth to the flame, it has been a lifetime search for me to get closer to that presence.

Becoming more consciously aware is the path to enlightenment and leads to the source of this divine, cosmic source.

But it is not an easy path. Living in an unconscious state is so much easier. You don’t have to forgive others or send them compassion. You get to live in oblivion, pleasing yourself and carrying on with your life. To become more conscious means you would have to overlook the behaviors of others in this world and treat them with understanding and compassion. And that just feels exhausting now doesn’t it? Especially in this world we are living in now. We all have so much on our plates, it is hard to pat your neighbor on the back.

Bu the truth is, we can only run away for so long. This cosmic truth will find us, and sooner or later we need to turn towards this divine source and say, “Okay, here I am…but what’s in it for me?”

Our fears of being called to do something we are not ready for, to let go of our worldly possessions that give us joy, or to let go of certain people in our life that are no longer serving our best interests, keep us from embracing a deeper experience with these cosmic forces.

But deep in our cells we know that a mystical experience melts away our fears. We know it will empower us to recognize our life, our worth, and our priorities.  It will call us up.

We resist for so long, until you just can’t hold these forces at bay any longer. Our world gets stuck, or turned upside down and eventually we cry out for mercy. I know. I’ve been there too.

Wouldn’t we all rather one big awakening experience, a vision of an angel, a near death experience that proves to us there is something more. But the truth is, most of us will walk the day by day path to enlightenment.
We are the common day mystics.
It sure is nice to know we will have lots of company on this walk.

Let me tell you more about The Soulfully Aligned You Creative Portal.
We will walk together through 2021, arms linked on this mystical journey.
We will consciously invite the experience of mysticism into our lives and actively pursue a deeper experience with this divine source that lives within our soul.

You will need to commit to this journey; to your soul growth; and be ready to explore these questions and more:

  • For what reason was I born?
  • What is the greater purpose and meaning of my life?
  • How am I meant to move around this earth?

And you will be guided to create intentions each month to work with these sacred mystic forces and be directed to know your soul and your destiny.

This is your time.
This is for you.
This is your pact with your soul.
To find out why you came.
To find out how you have a part here.

This is deep, beautiful work and is not for the feint of heart.
It is for those who are ready to know more about this life.
It is for those who have awakened or awakened even more in 2020.

And truly what’s in it for you? Why take this journey?
You will leave behind living in survival mode from the ego, to living with ease.
You will strengthen your inner self to be living a heart centered life;
a Soulfully Aligned life that brings in more
love, lightness, joy and abundance. 
(Yes abundance, because the Universe wants you to enjoy all there is here on this earth walk. The time of struggle and poverty are ending as we rise to a higher dimensional 5D world.)
You will begin to walk with an inner sense of peace, knowing everything is okay.
Your life will take on a new luminous glow.
You will feel like you have a secret, that everyone should know.

This is not a short journey – it is a 12 month commitment.
So it will call in only those who are ready to become a Mystic Traveler. 

If this is you, listen to your heart, you will feel it within you, resonating, fluttering with excitement…
Join me now and save your spot for this journey.
We will begin wading into the well of mysticism this January.

Each month will be a new workshop, building from the previous, designed to take you
to new depths of your soul,
to uncover new truths,
to create more space to commune with your soul,
to uncover enlightenment layer by layer,

until you are shining brighter than ever, living a life more and more aligned with your soul.

Through meditation, ritual, prayers, shamanic paintings, stream of consciousness writing, tapping deeper into our own intuition and lots of creative art journal activities, we will meet together in sacred space, and our group energy will empower all of us to go to deeper levels within our soul, and clear a direct channel to the divine mystical Universal powers.

Join me in The Soulfully Aligned You Creative Portal that begins in January.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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