The Blueprint to Create What You Desire

Create what you desire.

Create a life that honors your passions, celebrates your contributions and aligns with the things that are most important to you.

You want a life that is fully engaged and totally fulfilled.

So I have made something for you.

Something that will give you the blueprint to follow to create this life you dream of.

That step by step, with ease and flow you will find your way through the tangled mess of thoughts that may be cluttering up your mind:

How do I begin?

Where do I begin?

Who would want this?

Is there really room for me?

I’m not good with technology

Because you have so much to give 

And the world is waiting for you. 

And you can do this. I will make sure you can do this!

That’s why I am here to walk the path with you from beginning ground level…foundational level to launching!

This philosophy and curriculum I have created, are the culmination of knowledge and insights I have attained over the last 25+ years; from past experiences, and many different trainings from deep spiritual practices, shamanic teachings, and psychospiritual development trainings to many business and marketing courses. All of which have entwined together, met the challenges and opportunities of my own life experiences and been transformed into a core set of steps and strategies to help you pursue your passion and make money while being of your highest service in our world. 

My intention is to guide you to live your life of passion and purpose on your own terms.

To break away from this 3D model of business and lead the way as we vision and create the new 5D business (be sure to watch this video for further explanation of a 3D business vs. the new 5D business)

You are limitless and you were always meant to be limitless.

And I have a step by step blueprint for you to create the work that will express your highest self and pursue your passion while getting paid!

When you see it you will think: Oh now that makes sense! This is much easier than I thought!

In The Mystic Business you will:

  • identify your business and establish the energetic foundation of your business
  • experience frequency shifts to believe in yourself
  • step into a wealthy woman mindset
  • get action plans to set up your business
  • create a marketing plan
  • attract your dream clients
  • learn how to break through blocks and glass ceilings
  • release the fear of failure 
  • find your passion and how you are being called to serve in the world
  • feel more aligned, empowered
  • believe in your work
  • trust in yourself and what you have to offer so you can make money.

The Mystic Business begins tomorrow May 4th and runs for 8 weeks.

Each week we will meet for that week’s live training. You will be given homework to work on throughout the week that will be guided inner work as well as practical steps for your business.

By the end of the 8 weeks, if you commit to the weekly work, you will have your business up and started and will begin to bring your offer to the world!

Did you miss our launch party for The Mystic Business? All 3 recordings are loaded with free training and are below for you to watch.

Registrations have already begun!

Beautiful, soulful women are already registered to begin.

Are you being called? Do you feel the stirring in your heart?

Then you are meant to bring your beautiful energy to this group too.

Join us today and receive your first steps right away.

It is time to shine your light even bigger than ever before!

Love Janice

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