The Biggest Obstacle to our Peace

Obstacles to our Peace Part 1

Hello Friend,

To live a creative life is to live a spiritual life.

Let’s not dance around this topic.
Too often we hide our light behind the front of our lives. But we can not live in our fullest light by hiding part of ourselves and we are not only repressing ourselves but we have a responsibility to our world that we are ignoring.

So let’s get brave and talk about it in this safe space. Let’s get it out there now.

What does God mean to you? This traditional Christian term can bring up lots of feelings for us. Some are positive, some not so much. I have had to work through my own issues with this term. So we will often change the name to the Universe, Creative Energy Source, Goddess, Energy Source….and many more.

Or perhaps you are not Christian? There are so many different forms our beliefs take…Buddhist, Muslim, Hinduism, Secular, Islam, Atheist, Traditional Chinese Religion, Primal Indigenous….

Our sense of a higher power is very personal and very sacred to us. Let’s face it, wars are fought over this. I’m not saying you need to shout your beliefs from the rooftops announcing to everyone around you. Nor should you be trying to convince others what they should believe. But you need to get very clear on your own belief. Where are you at with this?

Living in your fullest light and bringing that light to this world means being unapologetic for who you are. It is time for all of us to be fierce and to step fully into that light and live from that space. Our world is starving from a lack of spiritual connection. And we can each create a shift by committing to our own light. We are soulful beings living a physical life. We can not deny this. There is more to this physical life than what we see with our eyes. Your religion or beliefs does not matter, it is what you are serving to the world through your beliefs, that matters.

Let me share my story with you. I have always been a spiritual seeker. Ever since I was a young child I had questions that the adults around me could not answer. I went to several different churches when I was a young girl, not really knowing what I was seeking but searching nonetheless. Nothing really fit for me. My spiritual seeking continued on through my adult years, and after my research and mentoring from others, I soon developed my own relationship with a higher power. I nurtured this relationship and I am committed to this relationship ahead of all others in my life today. This relationship comes first and it is a daily practice.

However, for many years I lived my life from three different lanes;
my work life,
my creative life;
and my quiet spiritual life.
In this way, my power was divided.

It took an event that brought me to my knees to realize I could not live this way anymore. (One day I will talk about that event, but not yet.) What I did realize through it was that I needed to step fully into my power, no more games, no more hiding, no more pretending. It was time to adult in a big way. I knew my spirituality and my creative talents needed to come together fully into my whole life, and that I had something to offer this world through my gifts and abilities.

And with this shift, came a bigger power. A bigger presence in my life.

Now I didn’t run out and tell everyone, even though when this happens you really want to. But I felt a quiet grace move through me, guiding me, inspiring me.

My mission is to stand in full alignment and to create and hold spaces that are safe and available for you to experiment with the light in your own way. I am committed to myself and to you. And through this we will all begin living our lives as co-creators with our higher power. Living a spiritual life.

And so I ask you to sit down with a pen and paper and answer this question for yourself:

What does a higher power mean to you?

To help you get started here is my answer to this question:

I believe there is an infinite force within us and around us. This is the divine essence of all life forms; life force energy. This energy is pure love and potential. We can align and co-create with is divine presence that is greater than us. We can trust and surrender to this power for a life that is guided, inspired and beyond our own imagination. Our role is to nurture this relationship. Be open. This is a presence to lean on instead of doing it all alone.

When you sit quietly and journal your answer to this question it is the beginning to living a life fully empowered in your light. It brings you clarity, and this brings you more strength to commit fully to you.

Next week is Part 2 – Obstacles to Our Peace – A Tool Bag for you to Use.
Many blessings my friend, and have a beautifully creative week,

Love Janice

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