Soulful Money Manifesting Workshop

Soulful Money Manifesting Workshop

Your finances, your health, your relationships are all a reflection of your relationship with your own inner power; your connection to your heart; your alignment with your higher power. .
If this relationship is not strong, then everything else will be leaky.
In order to shine bright and go big you’ve got to be able to pay your bills, take care of yourself, nurture yourself and be abundant.
This means standing unapologetically in your own empowerment and communing with your higher power.
So how do we get there?
How do we create a strong bond with our higher power? How do we feel empowered?
In the text, A Course in Miracles it says, “only the mind decides on what it would receive or give.”
What this means is there is no higher power or force deciding for you. It is all up to you.
You have free will.
You decide. You make up your mind and decide.You hold the power within you and when you follow your heart unapologetically you are stepping into your power.
This is embracing your power. This is the feeling of empowerment.
I was listening to a speaker this week and she said, “What if a victim story is not required to have a success story. What if we always were worthy, and we just created the drama to allow us to rise above it and then feel like we were worthy? What if we were always worthy of everything we desired, just because we are here.”
What if we can let go of the victim stories, then we can let go of the drama and just know we are worthy.
Untangling from a victim story is not always easy and I completely understand this, I was there once, and my heart aches for those that are walking this path.
I am here to tell you:
You are strong, you are resilient,
You are worthy
You are as worthy as Oprah, Madonna or Lady Diana
You are a beautiful soul and you decide what your life is going to look like.
When you decide, you need only ask for help and the guidance will be there for you.
So what does empowerment feel like for you?
Remember the feeling the first time you rode your bike.
Remember the feeling the first time you drove a car…by yourself.
Call up those moments of feeling empowered in your life.
Maybe you felt it when you graduated, or when you wear your power suit, or high heels, or when you walk in nature, when you lost those extra pounds through perseverance, or ran a marathon, or just one kilometer, or maybe you climbed a mountain or bungee jumped from a cliff.
Revel in those feelings.
There is strength inside of you and you have called on it before.
You are a powerful being and you decide how your life unfolds. You take the lead.
Claim it, wield it, wear it like a bright award.
The power rises from your heart.
Feel it. It is there inside each and every one of us.
You have one life here and it is yours. Decide today how your life is going to unfold.
Let’s rise up together and create a life that we are excited to get up to every Monday morning.
One where we shine bright, for everyone to see that they can rise up and follow their heart too.
Soulful Money Manifesting workshops are coming soon and you don’t want to miss out on the 10 steps to manifesting more money in your life. You see money is never about money. It’s about freedom and choices. And it all begins with your energetic vibration and your mindset. I did the work in these 10 steps and I found out they work! This is about becoming one with the energy of earning, receiving and attracting money.

Join me for this small group coaching session where I will share the 10 steps to manifesting that will create a money journey for you that is fun, exciting and rewarding!

All you need is to know these principles of manifesting and you can begin the process of manifesting anything in your life.

Dates are listed when you click the link below. Choose the date that best suits you. The sessions will be held at The Creation Guild Studios.

The Creation Guild Studios, in Central Alberta, is beautiful country location just minutes from Olds,  and an easy drive from Red Deer and Calgary. Directions will be emailed to you upon your registration.

Call 403-507-0987 if you have questions or would prefer to book through etransfer or cash.

If you are unable to make it your payment can be applied to a future session date. Please try to give 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your chosen session. Thank you.

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