Releasing the Energy of 2020

Art Medicine to Release the Old Energy of 2020

Good Morning Creative!

Do you feel attached to certain traditions, to certain relationships or to your career, your position, your identity.

This past week I was going deep to remove attachments I have had, and I was reminded how attached we can get to certain traditions around this time of year. This year things are different and it is an opportunity for us to release our attachments. Doing this will free us up.

A Course in Miracles we are reminded that specialness is separation. ACIM calls this a special love.
A special love can only occur when there is judgement of something being better or worse, and this judgement leads to feelings of being separate.

It is our hidden beliefs that bring us to a special love.      “An unrecognized belief is a decision to war in secret.” ACIM

The power of your hidden beliefs will disrupt your peace. When you hold someone or something as special you are holding it separate from all others. You separate or fragment from the pure love within. It is our inner beliefs that create these situations.

So what does this look like in our own life?
Specialness may look like
  • A person you put on a pedestal because you feel they know more than you. You  may feel they have more education or a higher position. Or maybe they are your mentor and you look up to them.
  • It may be a special love relationship in your life. What a person must become to keep your specialness is an illusion.
  • Maybe your neighbor or friend has a nicer house, car, job…ect. than you so you see them as special.
  • Or maybe you are the one with the nicer house, car, joy… and so you see yourself as special. These can be very underlying beliefs. So you cling to these things because you feel they are who you are. They have become your identity.
  • You hold your position at work tightly because you worked hard for it, so you are the chosen one. – attachment.
  • Attachment may look like a relationship that you cling to even though you have grown beyond it.
  • A position or title you hold onto, even though your heart is calling for you to let it go and travel.
  • A tradition that you feel needs to happen every year, because this is who you are, this is your identity,
The common thread of attachment in these is the fear that keeps us there, instead of love.
Fear constricts, love expands.In a special love you are motivated to keep going, keep believing in a certain way because fear is chasing you.
On the other side….
Love offers freedom.
It calls to you to come here and breath in the fresh air.
To let go of all the tethers.
To rise up and fly, to follow your heart,
to let go and trust,
to replenish yourself, refresh yourself,
to come home and rest,
and then to expand into new adventures.
To live bravely, with exhilaration and excitement in your heart.When you let go of the need to have special love;
you will fill yourself up first, you will heal from the inside out.
This is how we heal the world. It begins with you first.

Enlightenment is not a destination, but a journey of lightening you up.
This week we will ‘lighten up’ by releasing the energy of 2020.

We can not move forward and create on top of all this energy.
We must clear the way just as a farmer must clear the field before planting seeds.

And you have so many new seeds to plant!

As a creator, an artist of your life, you will prepare the canvas this week, by acknowledging the lessons and blessings of this past year.

So grab your art supplies and your journal and enjoy the art medicine video below.

You have made an inner dedication to becoming a conscious creator.

You are an unlimited creative being!

So first we need to turn and face what we have created in  2020 to decide how we want to create in 2021.

Enjoy this creative process and have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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