Reclaim Your Life! Because You are Enough!

You’ve Totally Got This! More Than You Think!

Here’s the deal.
The key word in intentional manifesting is intentional. That means that you are in control and working alongside the power of the Universe.

You are a powerhouse within a powerhouse and it is time for you to recognize this.

First pause for a moment and take a look at the image below from the Omega Institute.

Your life is all about energy and energy vibrates.
How you feel is an indication of where you are vibrating.
And Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you are feeling inside.

So where are you hanging out most of the time?

Now I get it, when you don’t manifest what you are truly desiring, and you are working so hard at it, it can be defeating.

Remember these 2 things:
– It either isn’t here YET (divine timing is a thing)
– or you have stuff to grow through

It is never time to give up!
Are you willing to let your perceived defeats define you?
It is time to rise up and break through any limiting beliefs you have held onto in your life.

Childhood was a long time ago.
Middle school was a long time ago.
High school was a long time ago.

You are in charge now.

So let’s all put our big girl panties on and decide who we are going to be, and what we are going to create in this life.

So if you have been hanging out in the vibration of guilt, apathy or fear, it is time to move on up the scale.

And I am here to help you! Here are 5 ways to begin moving up the scales to a higher vibration that brings everything to you like a magnet:

1.  Forgive Yourself – Ease up, stop judging yourself, stop berating yourself, stop beating yourself up for your thoughts, fears and any past actions. You are a different person now. You learned from the past and that is not who you are anymore. Start to notice when you have those mean ego thoughts and just say, “I’ve got this ego, you can take the back seat now.”

2.  Create a list of all the accomplishments you have ever made in your life. Begin with graduating grade school! Yes! And keep going, adding in all the times you held a loved one in your arms while they went through a difficult time. I know you are a rock star! Now you have to begin believing it too! Let the mistakes go. We have all made them, big and small. Move over defeating thoughts and welcome in the high-fivin praise for every big and little thing you have contributed to.

3.  Make it part of your daily routine to meditate, exercise and eat high vibrational food. If you have not meditated before then listen to guided meditations, every day. Even if you can’t quiet your mind keep doing it. And you don’t need to train for a marathon, just begin to take care of the home your soul lives in. Show love and respect for this body you chose for this temporary journey. The more you move up the scales of vibration, the more you actually want to do this and feed your body good, healthy food. You will begin to notice the difference in your feelings on the days you follow a healthy routine.

4.  Read/listen to inspirational topics. Podcasts are big now and if you don’t know about them, it is time for you to learn. Find out about podcasts and at the very least listen to Youtube videos while you get ready in the morning, or while you drive to work. Feed your mind with high vibing material.

5.  Hang out with high vibing people. Go to classes to meet some of these people. Take yoga classes, sound vibration classes, meditation classes, and creative classes like painting lessons (had to throw that in there 🙂  But this is where people that are working on raising their vibration and becoming more self-aware hang out.

It is time to reclaim your life! It is time to do the daily work to bring your vibration up higher and higher. And when you do, you automatically bring those you love up the scale with you. That ripple effect is powerful!

And here is one more bonus suggestion – if you are truly committed to this journey of self-discovery – read my book, The Creation Guild.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

P.S. – If you want one on one coaching I have openings available now. We can work through all this together this summer. Jump start your manifesting and begin to live the life of your dreams. Check out my packages here.

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