Soulfully Aligned You: A Creative Portal

This monthly subscription group begins January 2021 – Save your seat now!

Do you ever feel like you have kind of lost yourself a bit? Struggle with up and down days. During these times the energy is chaotic out there and we need to, now more than ever, have a strong home base and a strong north star. Join me for a continuous creative journey of always remembering who you are, at your core essence, finding a strong alignment with your own home base, and aligning with your north star.

Our vision is to come back to our home base over and over, but we need to lean on each other for the practice.

This group is a container to help you hold a strong vision of where you are, where you are going on this life path, stay connected to your support and higher guidance, as well as open up to your guided inspiration for creating in your life!

Stay strong in your own empowerment and ready to move forward on your path, with the group circle of a soulfully aligned energetic tribe!

Etransfer payments are always available if you prefer. Send to jgallantart@gmail.com and please follow up with an email message.



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