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Free Painting Workshop For You!

Here is my gift to you!

Are you new here? Would you like to get spend a few days painting with me for free?

Your creative power inside you is nudging you to the next level.

Unlock your creative freedom and gain access to your own inner wisdom and magical worlds.

You will enjoy 8 days of fun painting videos that will bring you to a higher awareness of your powerful creative abilities – no painting experience needed! Imagine the powerful flow that begins when you build space to purposefully create.
These 8 days will have you creating your life in a whole new way!

Dream & Journey Workshop

This is a beautiful month of immersing yourself into your dreams!

Learn more about this 4 week workshop that helps you get crystal clear on what you want to create in your life, to infusing your intentions into a powerful mandala painting.

This course also includes my popular Manifesting Mandala Course within it!

This is my most popular course and if you want to take your manifesting skills to the highest possible level, then this is the course for you!


Are you ready to intentionally create a new level of your life?

The powerful creative flow is always running through our being.  Creating in your life requires a clear channel.

The Universe is ready to give you all you want, but when it doesn’t show up fully, it is a sure sign we are blocking this beautiful grace.

Over these 6 weeks you will be clearing the debris through from your trail that is preventing you from living a life of your heart’s desires.

The Creative Mystics

I am excited to invite you on a 6 month journey with me that will honor your mystic within.

If you have found this page, there is a reason.

You are being called to rise up and claim the magic that lies within you. You know this. Deep in your heart you feel this call.

This workshop only opens up once a year. Email me to go on the waitlist at

Learn more through the link below


Soulfully Aligned You Portal

Do you ever feel a little lost in the chaos of energies out there? With all the noise it is easy to lose who you are. You worry that you are not enough, that something is wrong or missing. You may take on similar qualities from others that get in the way of being true to yourself. It is hard to remember your true self and stand strongly in that essence with everyone’s voices all around you. I have created a 12 month sacred portal of a creative journey for us to take together to remember who we are at our very core.

Learn more by clicking the link below

Calling All Angels Workshop – Begin Your Wings Today!

Join me for  a meditative art journey to paint your own beautiful angel wing. You will receive instant access to this online workshop!

When life is a struggle it is a sure sign we are trying to do it all alone. We have support, and we can call on this energy to help lift us from the ego energy of the world to one of grace and ease. This workshop will focus on calling in the support of your angels as you paint. We will begin with creating sacred space and a meditation each night of this workshop that will help you align with your higher powers, your guides and your angels. Paint your angel wing for yourself or as a gift for someone who needs a little support.

Buddha Painting Event – October 13th, 2020

Join me to paint Buddha through a meditative art journey. This is a painting experience you have never had before. We will create sacred space to infuse the energies of love and gratitude into your own painting of Buddha. Then I will walk you through the painting process. This is a step by step painting lesson that anyone can do. We will spend three painting sessions together to create this painting so it will be a beautiful, peaceful meditative art experience. Your painting will exude the energy of love, peace & gratitude, along with a special prayer mantra, into your home space as you enjoy it. Set up your own sacred objects, crystals, beads etc in your space as you work. No experience is required to enjoy this beautiful journey.


Catching Your Dreams – An Online Painting Workshop!

Paint a dream catcher along with me! Upon purchase you will receive the workshop video link on a PDF along with some journal prompts that will help take your intentional manifesting to the next level. As you paint you will experience being in the high vibrational flow state that is the fertile soil for the seeds of your intentions.

Supplies you will need is a 12″x24″ canvas, your favorite selection of acrylic paints, and a few brushes. My favorite colors are: magenta, cad yellow medium, phthalo blue, violet, bright lime green, white and black. The cost for this workshop is $37 and I will send you the link once you have registered.

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I am slowly transitioning all more courses to my Teachable site.

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