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The Art of a Soulfully Aligned Life – $397.00

Are You Ready for the Next Level of Your Life?

Are you ready to expand & grow?

Are you ready to become more aligned and empowered?

Are you ready to break through the glass ceilings in your life?

If you are ready to feel better, find your passion and make more money, increase your self acceptance and confidence, then take the next step and learn more about my newest course, The Art of a Soulfully Aligned Life.

Dream Mandala Course – $55.00

What is a Dream Mandala?

A Dream Mandala is a powerful tool that helps you intentionally create your life. We are always manifesting but are we getting what we want in our life? To  manifest intentionally and to line up with the powerful forces of the Universe you need to first do the work. You need to get crystal clear on what you want, why you want it and how this will feel when it manifests in your life. This workshop walks you through guiding questions, journal questions, explanation of how the Dream Mandala works, video instruction to create a dream mandala, and you also get my beautiful guided Surrender Meditation, and a prayer and affirmation to print off and hang up. Click the link below to learn more.

Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness – Painting Your Wings to a New Life! $333.00 See Special Early Bird Pricing in Effect each day until Dec. 14th

Beginning January 5th/20 – February 9th/20

This is an online painting workshop that aligns with Gabby Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles book. Each week we will be infusing our intentions and shifts of perception into our canvas and I will guide you through video tutorials, meditations, journalling, affirmations and more!

And by the end of the six weeks you will have a beautiful painting of your own wings!

Your sacred painting will exude this new energy of miracles, shifts of perception, forgiveness and healing out into your space for you to remember throughout the year.


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