Observing Your Dreams Unfold

Hello Creative!

Were raised as a wild child?
Or were you raised to be a good girl; be polite, be helpful, sit quietly, behave…?

Both are totally fine, but if you were raised as I was, to be the good girl, then you may have some underlying, sneaky beliefs that are limiting your creative power.

Creating your dreams, your heart’s desires, means knowing you are allowed to dream big.
Check in and see.
Are you subtly waiting for the Universe to say yes to your dreams?
Do you find yourself waiting for approval to show up in some way? Maybe a sign?
And when you see that sign you say,
“Oh good I deserve these dreams. I have worked so hard, I have paid my dues, it is time for me to receive my dreams now.”
And then you find yourself continually checking in with the Universe for another sign?

Let me call you out right now so you can get on with your amazing infinite creative potential.

You are giving your power away. 

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking approval from the people around you by asking, “What do you think about my dreams? Do you think I can do it?”
Or seeking approval from the Universe by waiting for signs of approval.
You are giving your power away.

Time to take it back.

I want you to shift from waiting to watching, from waiting to observing.
As you shift into being the observer, the signs from the Universe become indicators of your alignment, not signs of approval.
You are no longer waiting for approval.
You are watching the Universe line up with you.
You are watching your life.
You are watching how your new creations are taking form.

Feel the difference?
When you are waiting you feel like you have no options, like somebody has to reward you, like somebody else is in control.

But when you are observing you know you are the chooser and you are creating your entire reality.
Nothing; no situation or event can continue without your consent.

You are the observer. You are the one creating, watching, shifting in every moment to bring your heart’s desires into your life every moment of the day.

You are worthy of all your heart’s desires because you were born and those desires are in your heart. Period.

You don’t have to do anything for the Universe to approve of these desires because the Universe put them there the day you were born!

Big aha moment! Take your power back today.
Love you all!

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Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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