Money’s Energetic Frequency: a skill

Hello my friend,

Right now, around money and wealth, are you bound by fear? 

I remember that fear so clearly.

So much fear that I didn’t want to even look at my bank account or stack of bills, because I knew there was never enough money.

I remember so many times at the grocery store check out, when I would hope and pray the amount didn’t go over the cash I had in my purse. And sometimes it did, so I would have to return some items, usually a box of cereal or paper towels or Kleenex.

These were luxury items. Frozen pizza pops, fun Lunchables, or ice cream were not items found in our house, (much to the detriment of my kids who would beg every grocery day for them, however they were better off without them anyway.) And this was after hitting rock bottom with a bankruptcy a few years before. We still struggled with having enough to put food on the table. We didn’t go out for dinners or movies, we didn’t drink, we didn’t take holidays, my husband would forfeit his holiday pay, working through his holidays so we could use this extra money to try and catch up. 

During those years I was living with fear clenching my stomach day by day. 

My husband and I were working to survive, and for the survival of our kids. It was a day by day struggle. I remember having only soda crackers and peanut butter for their school lunches one day, despite doing everything we could to budget our money. Needless to say my oldest son, who was a teenager at that time, was not impressed. But he didn’t say anything, and I felt like a failure as a parent. Those were really hard years. We worked hard to get us beyond survival. And with determination and hard work we did it. We pulled up out of survival and actually started having some extra money for treats and holidays. However, at the end of the month we were always broke. It was all about our energetic frequency and what we were allowing in. I didn’t know about the energy of money back then. 

But what I know now about money flow is:

  • There was another way, and it would have helped us move beyond struggle more quickly and raise our energetic minimums.
  • Now I know the energy of fear keeps you in struggle and survival.
  • The constant clenching in my stomach, the tightness, was where my energy was at and the world was reflecting this back to me. I thought it was caused by the lack of money, however the foundation was rooted in earlier years and the energy was perpetuating the lack. 
  • There is an energetic frequency for fear.
  • There is an energetic frequency for struggle.
  • There is an energetic frequency for being in the victim mode.
  • There is an energetic frequency of hope (which I would often go to and this would bring through miracles of relief.)

And even though I fluctuated between the lower frequencies, sometimes rising up in hope, I was always surrounded with love. We had so much love in our home, and so much gratitude for what we had.

So I now know there is no correlation between the amount of love you allow in around you and the amount of money that flows to you.

I also now know, there is no correlation between money flow and your own feelings of worthiness. At least there doesn’t need to be. You can work on increasing your feelings of being worthy of a beautiful life, and still have money flowing to you. 

I also now know, there is no correlation between how hard you have worked and how deserving you think you are (or undeserving) and how much money flows to you.       

We simply make it about that. And you can choose to let that go. 

You can say to yourself, “Yes, I am a work in progress, and I will continue to grow and learn and work on my self-awareness, while receiving abundance of money into my life.” 

There are many layers when it comes to receiving money and I don’t pretend it is easy – it has taken me years to understand this. Although, I now know that it can be easy.

What I now know is that if you want to step into a positive, healthy money mindset and even into wealth consciousness, you need to do the practice work every day. 

You can’t just do it some days and then let it go for a month and expect to see changes around you. 

I now work on my money mindset every morning. 

I give my full attention to my energy frequency and how I can elevate it consistently.

This work is in addition to my morning and evening meditation, my gratitude lists, my positive affirmations, my communing and channeling with spirit, my journaling and my creative flow.

And they are not correlated – working on the energy frequency of money is a practice; a skill development that people need to learn. Just like learning a skill for your work.

It is not correlated with anything else.

It is not about working hard and hoping for more money.

It is not just about being grateful and hanging out in high vibrations.

It is not just about positive affirmations.

All these support money flow – but there is more to it.

It is about learning how to feel the energetic frequency of money in your body.

It is learning how to step out of fear and into confidence with money. 

It is about giving money a safe place to land in your life.

It is about heightening your awareness around limiting beliefs with money and cleaning house.

And it is about creating the energy in you, where money easily flows.

You will become a money magnet. 

And then what…..

Then you can go shine, and follow your heart’s desires creating in this world in your unique way.

And the whole world will benefit from that!

Imagine a world of people feeling fully supported and living in their heart centered creative flow!

I believe we will get there.

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