Money As Love – From Limited to Overflow

Money as Energy – from limited to overflow

Hey Creator!

Are you focused on manifesting your dreams but they just seem to always be out of reach?
My topic for you today is: spontaneous memories, especially those childhood memories.

The reason I want to focus on them is because these old memories that come up seemingly out of the blue, are actually opportunities to look at our beliefs and where they came from. Your beliefs are the powerhouse to your manifestations!

Taking some time to reflect on memories that randomly appear in your thoughts, can give you the secret code to unlock old limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from manifesting just what you want.

This past week I had a spontaneous memory. I don’t know what unlocked this memory as I had completely forgotten it up until that moment.

I remembered my father asking me to go get his checkbook off the dresser for him. I seem to remember being told not to open it, just to go fetch it for him. Being a young child, perhaps about 8 years old, I did what I was asked but also peeked inside.

And there, for the first time in my young life I saw the number, the amount of money in his bank account.
There was the number. It represented a limit.
Seeing this number jolted me.
I distinctly remember it hit me that it was a limited number and now looking back it was the first time I thought, ‘what if it’s not enough?’ And my trust in my father’s ability to care for my needs was shaken.

Up until then I just thought of money as flow. Money flowed in, I knew it came from ‘payday,’ and my parents took care of my needs.

But this was a bit of a ‘reality’ check for me. Now I saw the money as limited.
No longer flowing, but limited.
I never said anything to anyone, but the energetic impact was there.

And so how did this moment impact me at the energetic level? What belief did I form from it?
That money comes in, from paychecks, and there is a limited amount until the next paycheck.

Awareness is so beautiful! Now I know what I am working with and I can begin to change this belief.

Logic & Miracles
Shifting your belief requires a logical shift in mindset. A decision to change my perspective.
Then as the miracles occur, this brings the belief into my heart and it is rooted there.

What if I focus on the belief I had prior to that experience? The belief that money just flowed in when needed?
If I truly believe that money flows in when needed, then it will only come when I need it.

So let’s take it a step further.

If I believe money flows continuously into my life because the Universe loves me, then I am stepping into overflow, moving beyond money as a need, but as an energy of love flowing to me all the time, supporting me and my life. If I see the Universe as an infinite source of this energy for everyone, more than enough for everyone, then there is no lack and no holding back.

Now money is love flowing to me, and there are no limits to love.
Would you limit the love you have for your loved ones? For your own child? Would you hold it back and just give your child enough love to get them by? No, of course not. It just flows and the more love you give, the more flows in.

It is limitless. The love of the Universe is flowing to you, it doesn’t wait for you to need more love – it just continuously flows. And this love is abundance in all forms; money, health, loving relationships, full support in the desires of your heart.

Would you like to bask in this energy of love for awhile with me?
Come join me to paint your own angel wing as a reminder, hanging on your wall exuding this energy of overflow out into your home, that you are supported by the Universe, loved by the Universe and there is no lack. When you open to this belief, everything is able to flow to you easily, as light as the wings of an angel.
CALLING ALL ANGELS is a live painting workshop happening Tuesday evening. Click here to see more.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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