Mastering Your Manifesting Skills

Mastering Your Manifesting Skills

Good Morning Friends!

It is Monday morning and it is the first Monday of June! This is the month that I refocus on my vision for my life.

Summer Solstice means I revisit or recreate my dream mandala and even if you do not have your own dream mandala (or know what the heck that is) I am going to walk you through the steps of refining your manifesting abilities in your own life.

Through the month of June I will be helping you learn exactly how you can specifically be the co-creator in your own life.

So get ready to take your manifesting to the next level!

If you have read my book, ‘The Creation Guild’ then you know in chapter 8 I explain how our intention and the creative energy of the universe manifest physical things and experiences here on our earth.

**If you haven’t read it then as my gift to you you can go here to get it for a 30% discount for the month of June with free shipping!

(Just so you know the whole book is on the topic of manifesting and walks you through becoming an intentional creator in your life.)

Chapter 8 is titled, ‘Trusting Your Creative Energy Source’ and it is all about the answer I held with great intention in my mind; ‘How do I manifest desires here in this world?” Trusting that you are not the only one involved in your creations here on earth, and that the universe wants you to have a life beyond your wildest dreams are super important when manifesting.

And the answer to my above question was shown to me.

And guess what! It is all about vibration!

Ask any scientist what is at the deepest molecular level of any substance on this earth and they will tell you: vibration.

We perceive this world through our senses and our senses perceive the world through vibration.

Everything vibrates and it is this vibration that allows us to see the colors of flowers, smell the fresh bread baking, hear the truck rumbling down the street and of course taste the sweetness of honey. We feel vibrations too, like love, intuition and inspiration.

The source of all creativity on this earth is a very high vibration and it is infinite.
This energy needs to slow its vibration down to become physical on this earth.

When we slow down and open to receive, like when we do our aligning meditation, we open to the inspiration from source. We set our intentions of how we want to shape our life and thereby begin the manifestation process. We physically slow down to raise our own vibration.

As we create the space to allow this high vibration of energy to move through us, things begin to shift into place for the manifestation to begin.

Aligning to the vibration of what we wish to manifest is very important at this stage.

For example if we wish to find our dream job, we need to begin to feel the vibration of this new job. What would it feel like? What would it look like?

Using all your senses to imagine your dream job will bring your vibration up to meet the universe will align you with the opportunities and inspirational ideas which will bring you to your new dream job.

But if you go into frustration with your current job, or become impatient that it is taking too long, then you begin to interfere with the process and may close the window of manifestation.

Feelings are very important when manifesting and that is why you need to be working on becoming the happiest you have ever been. When you are feeling happy and are full of gratitude you are on your way to creating your life.

(**Note – you can still choose happiness and gratitude even when things are not going the way you would like them to.)

The next step is to have a very clear intention of what you want in your life.

So your task this week is to get clear on exactly how you would like to feel in your life and what that may look like.

Meditate, pray for guidance, journal….do whatever you need to do to find and write down about 5 strong feelings you would like to manifest in your life.

Think about what you want and then describe the feeling it would bring you.

For example if you want a new car what feeling would it give you? Maybe a sense of security? Or feelings of respect from others? If you say proud then why? Keep digging deep to get to the core of the feeling behind the manifestation.

The next three weeks will be showing you the specific steps to manifesting a life that gives you these feelings. Can’t wait to chat next Monday!

Find those deep desired feelings this week!
Love Janice

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