Manifest More Money

Hello Beautiful Creatives!

Let’s talk about manifesting more money into your life. 

This is a topic that is often avoided, because to want more money in our society is looked on as greedy, shallow or materialistic.

And that is not who we want to be, or to be seen as.

And yet, I have not ever met one person who does not want more money in their life!

When someone in one of my groups confesses her desire to have an overflow of money in her life, there is a collective release, as if permission has been granted for all of them to want more too. 

Let me give you permission right now to say to yourself, “I want to have so much money, that I don’t know what to do with it all!” 

We all know that if you could create a life that had an overflow of money, you would feel more ease, more creativity, and have the freedom to do the things you have always wanted to do!

When soulful women have enough money to create and live their life on their own terms, there is always money flowing around to the places and spaces of our world that need it:

There will be no more hungry tummies,

No more sick, abandoned or orphaned children or animals,

No more sisters being held down by outside controlling forces,

There will be more voices for our earth, our equality and our soulful path of living.

Soulful wealthy women, do good in our world.

And I know you have the power to create this!

When we feel worthy of the role of the wealthy woman, the money flows in. 

A wealthy woman mindset is not something you just become overnight.

It takes a consistent practice that helps your grow into the wealthy woman mindset. 

It takes believing that this really is available for you.

It takes a learning and understanding of the energy of money,

and how to work with this energy, how to feel this energy. 

You learn to embody the worthiness to receive.

You learn to manifest more money through your heart, not through fear or ego. 

And this grows as you create the container for it.

As you release the limiting beliefs around money and receiving.

As you begin to feel into your worthiness to receive.

The Universe wants to shower you with abundance in all ways; and money is just one of the ways to receive. 

You are not being punished or intentionally kept down in survival. 

Would you like to be part of my new MONEY MASTERMIND group, where we will all learn to embody this mindset?

This will be a monthly gathering that will help you:

  • create mindset shifts around your beliefs about money
  • open up to receive more
  • believe you are worthy of more
  • become aware of what beliefs are blocking you to receive your next level of income
  • create powerful new intentions to consciously create more money in your life
  • embody the energy of money
  • step into the wealthy woman mindset
  • connect to your guides, angels and teachers; your team of support
  • connect with the wealthy woman aspect of you (who already exists now)
  • help you see there is no lack of money in this world and how you can direct it into your life
  • open up to your financial possibilities and release the ‘that’s impossible” mindset

I have been growing this mindset and recognizing that it really works!

And now it is time to speed up this timeline for all of us,

and the most powerful way to do this is by bringing our energy together! 

Each month we will have a live gathering together. 

We will:

  • Have a guided manifesting meditation
  • A topic/lesson for us to work on for the month
  • A time for celebrations and questions 
  • And a space to talk about the energy of money 
  • We will be raising our energy up to become the wealthy woman.

Are you coming with me? We are growing together! 

We will begin on the next new moon – June 10th/21 and will gather on each new month of the month for the rest of the year.

The cost will be only $47 per month. The value is priceless!

Imagine how your life could change in the next 6 months of hanging out with a group of like-minded, soulful women creating a powerful container of manifesting prosperity into their lives. This is what a mastermind is all about. The energy of the group shifts everyone! And I can’t wait to gather with you! 

Are you in? Get on the waitlist now by responding by clicking right here!  

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