Let Your Wild Child Out

Give Your Inner Child Permission to Speak

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I have to admit I’ve had a week of rollercoaster emotions.

And I had to sit for a long time before writing this email, to come into my heart space.
This is not the email I intended to write.

But I trust what is coming up at this moment and know we are all in this together, so if you are reading this, then you perhaps need it.

This week’s themes have been:

  • wild child coming out of the box (losing control)
  • returning to your heart, again and again
  • and a strong Universal energy of coming together in unity and support

As we continue on this path of our collective dark night of the soul, buried wounds and patterns are rising up in all of us, to be healed and released.

The collective shadow is intense right now.
Our emotions are exhausting and you may be feeling a bit frayed at the edges.

This week I had three experiences that brought out a burst of temper and frustration from within me.
This has not happened for me in many years and knowing what I know now, from all my work, there is something within to be healed. Yes I may be feeling overwhelmed and frayed, but these strong emotions that bubble up show me where the healing is needed.

I hated the feeling of this anger within me and I just wanted to push it away and run away. That is not who I want to be; someone who loses cool and has a temper tantrum. It would be easy to just find a way to soothe myself and ignore the outbursts.

I heard my mother’s voice from my childhood saying, “Janice you have a bad temper and you need to learn to control it.”

And in that same moment I saw a flash of my inner child.
She was wild haired, running around barefoot and free in the woods.

So I went to my healing space; my art.
I sat down with my art journal and drew my little wild child.
As I drew her and gave her life, I gave her permission to speak her truth.
I allowed the image to unfold intuitively.
Then I began writing on my image, everything she wanted to say.

The image became a portal to my higher guidance.
And her words poured out onto the page:

She is fed up of all the rules and constraints.
She wants to run free and be in nature with the trees, water, rocks and animals.
She is tired of all the fear in society and wants to break free of it. 

And as I finished writing what she wanted to say,  I realized I can not keep trying to silence her.
I need to let her out.

What does your inner child look like? What does she want to say?

We need to give ourselves grace.
We need to accept every part of ourselves to heal the old wounds.
We need to forgive ourselves with the grace of an angel.
We need to come back to our heart.
My wild child is telling me to spend more time in nature. This is where I am soothed.

What will soothe your inner child?
What does she need more of?
What does she need less of?
What does she want to say?

We are creators with many different aspects.
We can call on those aspects that are where we want to be to help us navigate our way home.
Your inner child is just one of those aspects.

And we need each other. No more going it alone.

When I created my private group, Soulfully Aligned Women, it was because I had a call to create a space where we could all come together for support, inspiration and growth.

Now, two and a half years later, I am feeling an even stronger rise of that call even more.
And I have noticed many others feeling it also. We need to come together in groups to help us continue to grow, expand, clear out old wounds and patterns, lighten the load, rise up and feel our powerful worthiness as we consciously create the life of our desires.

You will begin to see many different groups forming to create space for gathering.
Gatherings to chat, to meditate together, to follow the cycles of our solar system, moon, earth and sun.
This is so great! Look around and choose the one that resonates for you.
Because we are so much more powerful together.

And perhaps my new group, Soulfully Aligned You; A Creative Portal will be the place for you to develop a consistent creative practice of coming home to your heart.

We will use creative activities through art journals, shamanic painting, journaling, meditation, channeling, intuition and group zoom gatherings together. We will be also using the beautiful energies of the elements, our spirit guides, angels and totem animals to help us.  We will be accessing many more aspects of ourselves to guide us through this dark night of the soul energy.

This may be the gateway to your heart for you.
Here you will become more intuitive.
Learn to channel your higher wisdom and guidance.
You will clear out old debris, ancestral patterns and heal wounds.
You will create new space for the higher vibrational energy to come through.

We all know that we still have a long way to go in navigating our way through all this and it can feel so heavy on our own. It is time to reach out and gather together.

Sending you all love this week!

Below is my link to Dream & Journey that begins November 30th. We all need to stay focused on what we want to create in our lives. We are powerful creators and having a clear, focused vision for the new year is so important to manifesting. Join me for a month of fun to create your desires for 2021! Begin now! Click here to learn more Dream & Journey or the image below.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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