Intentionally Creating More Money in Your Life

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Intentionally Creating Abundance

Good Morning my Creative Friend,

This week I’m going to continue to help you work on the craft of intentionally creating your life and manifesting a life that you can’t wait to get up to every morning.

Last week your focus was to get clear on exactly how you would like to feel in your life and what that may look like. (If you missed last week’s email go here to read it.)

You were to clarify the 5 strongest feelings you would like to manifest more of in your life.

Was abundance on your list? I get it! I’m totally with you my friend. Who doesn’t want more abundance?

I have found that, for most of us, these are the feelings we most desire: money, love, health & time. And really abundance covers all of them. After all abundance means, ‘a very large quantity or amount of something,’ according to the Oxford Dictionary.

But what does abundance feel like to you?

Think of abundance as anything you could ever need – money, safety, comfort, love, time….what does this feel like in your body?

This is what you will focus on this week. ABUNDANCE and more specifically,abundance of money.

Keep asking yourself this week, “What does abundance feel like?”

You may find words or experiences come to your mind, such as, freedom, appreciation, fullness, ease, expansiveness, adventures, peace, exhilaration, openness, trust, or worthiness.

To manifest in your life requires that you surrender to the moment. This does not mean giving up or giving in, it means sinking into the moment and feeling youressence deeply in your body.

Surrender is key to manifesting abundance in your life. First we surrender into the moment, then we feel the abundance.

And I have a gift for you! To help you with this I have created my Surrender Meditation just for you. This is a 15 minute meditation that will put you in the space of manifesting beautiful abundance into your life.

Sign up with the link below to get your free SURRENDER audio meditation.

*A little sidennote for you – Usually, a lack of abundance in the finances will have to do with feelings of unworthiness in some area of your life. Don’t worry, you are not alone here. I have been uncovering my blocks layer by layer and have been getting great results by digging into these blocks. So look deeply into this and maybe do some writing in a journal to help reveal your blocks. Once you discover your block you can work on releasing it and then the energy will flow through this area too. I gave you the steps in a previous email but you can go back and read it here.

Enjoy manifesting this week and be sure to send me your questions or share how your manifesting is unfolding in your life this week!

Love Janice

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