In-the-Flow Vibe Sessions

Hello My Soulfully Inspired Tribe!

Special Note: All packages are 1/2 price during our global crisis right now, and are available in 1 month packages. See bottom of page for packages.

Welcome to my one-on-one In-the-Flow Vibing Sessions created specifically for you to soulfully realign yourself, release your fears, learn to live in the expansive creative flow that you were always meant to live!

Right from our very first session together, you will feel lighter and be given the tools and strategies to begin taking your life to the next level, living fully in alignment with your creative source energy.  Manifesting a life of your dreams is for everyone.

It is not difficult when you know the rules of the Universe. It is about living at your highest vibration, and living in a space that is heart centered. We all want a life filled with joy and abundance not just for a while but to learn the strategies and tools to stay there and then shine your light forward, leading the way for others at home or in your career. It is about knowing how to surrend to your heart’s desires so you can know your purpose and follow your passion.

A truly empowered life is when you have the knowledge, tools and strategies to create an internal force that is stronger than the forces that surround us externally, and to continually bring you back to a state of peace where you are intentionally creating in your life.

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About Me

If you are reading this, then you have probably become a little familiar with who I am. If not be sure to follow my blog posts on my website, or join me on my social media accounts; Instagram, Facebook or my Soulfully Aligned Women Facebook group.

My journey to becoming a coach has given me many layers of life experiences. As an artist, teacher and writer I have been on this soulful mindset path for my whole life, but more intensely since 1993 when an life event brought me to my knees. This life changing event led me to my shamanic teacher, to many different spiritual studies throughout the years; Therapeutic Touch Practitioner Studies, which included Reiki, Crystal Healing, Psycho-Spiritual Development, Herbal Remedies, Polarity Balancing, Sound Healing, and much more.

More recently through my continued growth I have studied under my mentor and teacher Gabrielle Burnstein and taken her Spirit Junkie Level 1 and Spirit Junkie Level 2 trainings.

These trainings, integrated with my life experiences, have allowed me to take my coaching clients to new levels of releasing fears and debris that have been preventing them from creating the joy in their life that they most desire.

We are creating our live with intention!

We Rise Together!

Gone are the days of the lone wolf, trying to rise up alone. We are in an time of great need for all of us to rise up and create the life of our heart’s desires.

As you commit to your soulful life path, you create a ripple effect for your family and loved ones. They feel the change and this helps them step into their own soulful path.

As you clear the debris on your path, you are the clearing old ancestral patterns, paving the way for your children. You are helping our world rise up to a new level.

There is never anything selfish about this, you are answering the calling, and committing to something your soul decided before you came to this world. And we will rise up together!

What is an In-the-Flow Vibe Session?

Having a soulful running buddy helps you grow, shift and uplevel faster than on your own. This is important! No more wasted time lingering in repetitive patterns for days, months or even years. And the Universe is at your back more then ever before. All the power is there now for you to take your life to the next level of getting clear on your desires, and manifesting quickly.

In-the-Flow Vibe Sessions help you change your life by first immersing in the high vibration that we will create together and then help shift the way you think at a deeper level. It is about creating a change to our deep unconscious beliefs so we can let go of old patterns, and/or situations that are not serving us.

There are two aspects that determine what you are attracting in your life:

  • Your self-esteem
  • Your self-concept
  • And this has everything to do with your vibration


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So How Does This Relate to Manifesting My Desires?

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is the emotional part of our human experience. Most of us live from our feelings. At the end of the day, the reflection we have about our day is what kind of feelings we had throughout most of it. And feeling is the power engine to manifesting. However, we are not always in control of our feelings. Feelings come from our thoughts.

Self-concept is what we know about ourselves. This is the cognitive, thinking level of our being; our thoughts. You might say this is the rational thinking and when we drop into this side of our thinking we can have the positive self-talk to get ourselves out of a funk.

But even if we use positive self-talk, there are deep unconscious beliefs that will cause us to have certain feelings that will create the same situations over and over in our life. When  this happens we can feel stuck, or have repetitive patterns that keep coming up for us. Patterns such as struggles with finances, relationships, career/business, or health.

It is through our cognitive mind, that we reach those old, limiting beliefs and create the positive shifts to occur in our lives.

Most people live in their self-esteem section and don’t spend much time working on their self-concept. Actually only about 20% of people ever take the time to move from the emotional level of self-esteem to the cognitive level of self-concept.

And when you work on the cognitive level you begin to change or shift your beliefs and open to the flow and that’s when powerful manifesting begins!

Yes, absolutely you can create changes in your life. This is your life. You are the designer!

And this is exactly what I am here to help you with.

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Examples of how my Vibe Sessions help people:

  • First, and importantly, our session together will raise your energy vibration. This opens you up to the flow and anything not serving you will bubble up to the surface to be cleared away for the new.
  • Identify your deep, individual beliefs of how you fit in this world
  • Discover old beliefs that no longer fit and may be blocking you
  • Release old beliefs to make room for what fits now 
  • Clear space to allow new manifestations in
  • Find clarity and determine exactly what you do want to manifest in your life 
  • Find your passion and life purpose
  • Learn how to tap into, & listen to your higher guides
  • Create a daily meditation practice to align with guidance 
  • Determine your next right step
  • Step into leadership roles 
  • Set goals – personally and/or professionally in business
  • Navigate relationships or life changes
  • Personal Fulfillment

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What you can expect when working with Me

You will raise your vibration, connect with your passion to reveal your purpose in life, and take your intentional manifesting to the next level

*Learn to love yourself again and live in the flow, aligned with your creative source energy

*Release fears and anxiety

*Find alignment, your heart desires and balance

*Gain confidence

*Find greater happiness in life

*Release judgment of yourself and others

*Learn to set boundaries and say, “No,” with love

*Learn how to expand and elevate your energy, and raise your vibration on your own

*Learn how to increase your intuitive abilities and connect to your own guides

The Vibe Session Packages to choose from:

Special Note: All packages are 50% off during this global crisis and are available in 1 month packages. This is a time when we all need to come together to help each other. I know many are triggered through this time and I want to help you. This is my way.

Expand Your Energy Package ($500) reduced price is $250 monthly – 3, 6, or 9 month packages 

Meaning of 250 – Your commitment to your path and your devotion to change will be rewarded. – Kyle Gray

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 calls
  • Follow Up email
  • Extension activities: meditations, journal prompts, reading, plan of action
  • Unlimited email between sessions
  • Access to all online courses for 30% off

Open to Receive Package ($777) reduced price is $350 monthly now – 3, 6, or 9 month packages

Meaning of 350 – Your guides are aligning your life with the power and light of abundance – Kyle Gray

  • Three 60 minute 1:1 calls per month video sessions with recordings for playback
  • Channeled message each month
  • Follow Up email summary
  • Extension activities: meditations, journal prompts, reading, plan of action
  • Unlimited email between sessions
  • Access to all online courses for 30% off during your coaching period

Ascend into Abundance ($850) reduced price is $425 monthly right now – 3, 6 or 9 month packages

Meaning of 425 – Your angels are encouraging you to connect with the lessons of your current situation – Kyle Gray

  •  Access to all my online courses FREE during your coaching sessions
  • Three 60 minute 1:1 calls per month video sessions with recordings for playback
  • Card reading and channeled messages each session
  • Shamanic Angel Healings as needed
  • Follow up email summary and action plan
  • Extension activities: meditations, journal prompts, & reading
  • Unlimited email between sessions

Your goal for our Vibe Sessions is my goal. . . helping you to align fully with your creative energy source and intentionally create a life of your dreams. My focus is guiding you at your pace so you begin to awaken and feel that life can be filled with fun adventures and creative abundance.

You may be wanting to elevate your life, navigate through a difficult time, expand your business, heal relationships or improve your health…..all require the same thing: coming home to your soul and learning a practice to continually raise your vibration and my vibe sessions are reactive, intuitive, and flexible. It is never judgmental. It allows for personal growth on an individual basis.

And I am excited to work with you! But let’s chat and see if we are a good fit!

Click the button below to get a free discovery call with me.

I will contact you within 48 hours for your free mini session, we can chat and see if we are a good fit.

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