Hunt Down Those Deep Fears

Your Energetic Blueprint

Your deepest fears influence your daily actions.

Hunt down those deep fears. You are not here to cower in the shadows, you are here to live your fullest potential.

To do this you must have the courage to step into the shadows and call out your fears.

Many of us have a deep fear of failure; failure as a mom, as a spouse, financially, in our work and in our business.

You probably walk so carefully through your life, making sure you don’t fall off the edge of the cliff into the abyss of failure, that you hardly even know who you are.

What would your choices look like if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Even after a life of growth and learning you may not fully embody you, because of these deep fears.

Where do you hold your deepest fear in your body? What is it saying to you?

And what is your heart saying? 

Perhaps your heart and your fear could have a conversation.

The fear of failure is often at the root of the control issues we have.

It will keep you in the DO mode instead of BEing.

Your ego is trying to keep you safe by replaying these scenarios of failure in your mind.

But the pure gold comes when you step forward and tell your ego it’s going to be okay. That you can listen to your heart, follow your heart, and it is still going to be okay. When you have faith in your ability to create, with all the wisdom and growth you’ve had, backing you up, then you can relax into the flow.

Your doubts keep you frozen in this state of fear. Your ego likes it when you stay there.

So your awareness of this is your first step to moving beyond your fear and creating from your heart.

I get it. I have been to failure. A big one. Felt it, tasted it, experienced it. And it is not a place I want to go back to.

I had a business in the 90’s that ended in bankruptcy.

It has given me a lot to work through and grow from.

I know what it felt like energetically and how different the energy of my online business is today. 

The energetic difference is night and day. 

And I know how my fear of failure has lurked in the shadows every day.

But I can’t live in the safe place. I need to create! I need to fly! 

I remind myself that I am not the same young, ambitious woman who didn’t have a clue how to energetically set up my business way back in the 90’s.  I have grown, and learned so much more. I now know that to create a thriving, growing business you need to have an energetic foundation; an energetic blueprint for your business.

Back then I had excitement, determination and a good amount of working capital – and it wasn’t enough.

I was so determined and I worked so hard. But it wasn’t enough. 

In fact, I have learned that hard work is not the answer. It will often be the detriment of your business.

Now I know how the purpose of alignment, and having a clear mission and vision creates an energetic resonance that draws people into my business. I know that heart led service clarifies my niche and awakens in my ideal clients so they come looking for me.

I can also see clearly how, over the years, how my own fear of failure has caused me to be overly cautious and to pull back the energy of creating. There is a tightness that this fear creates. 

But I also know now there is a better, more efficient way to creating and building a business.

I had so much learning, growth and adventure to complete to get here. I can see clearly all the wisdom I needed to gain to settle that young woman down and have her listen more intently to her heart. Her ego was very strong. 

And I want to share all of this learning with you.

The DO instead of BE kept me in a trap.

The business I had, and the ones I have watched have brought me a ton of great in-house training and development along with the following multiple mentors along the way.

I learned about teaching, discipline, purposeful hustle vs. hustle, about selling, about service, and I learned about the power of belief and mindset, along with the Law of Attraction.

What I now know is powerful.

I learned in the end, that all that DOing didn’t matter at all if I wasn’t aligned with a powerful state of BEing.

And that giving myself permission for the time required each day to tap into the state of flow was not a luxury but a necessity.

Because BEing in that flow will create the business you are dreaming of.

And this is a daily practice.

And yes I still get caught up in the ‘doing’ and run to catch up with the schedule in life. There is always so much to do in business and life; creating the next high level course, creating videos, posting videos, posting daily inspiration, and weekly blogs to write, balancing classroom teaching with coaching, marking and planning..…I sometimes find myself tangled in the ‘shoulds.’

And then I find myself again dreaming of a day where I can press pause, read, ignore everything, just allow myself to BE, just breathe in and exhale.

And so, I take my dogs for a walk in nature, I get my long, deep meditation in, I sit on my deck with my morning coffee and my journal. I sink into who I AM.

I create space, space, space. I breathe.

Want to know how I created a solid, heart led business that allows me time to do breathe? 

The best business that allows me space to paint, reflect, journal and just BE?

This soul led business that brings a steady flow of abundance into my life without striving, yearning or straining?

It was created by dropping into alignment. 

Alignment with me, with my heart, with the higher cosmic forces.

It was created by:

  • ignoring the to do list, and all the ‘shoulds’ you hear from others
  • by listening to the guided inspiration each day
  • by purposeful hustle that is fun and creates results
  • by creating space that allows me to tap into my creative flow state and build the energetic presence of my soul led business.

Your business has an energetic template, an energetic blueprint and it is created by you. 

It can be created intentionally…. or randomly through the deep fears that you hold.

I create from inside of me.

I live from this place.

I sell from this place.

And it is all in the space of how I BE.

So, if you are building something, if you are creating something…

And you are fighting to breathe, to relax and just BE,

this is not because you are too busy.

You know you can choose to opt out of all that.

Cancel, hit pause, delete, unsubscribe from that energy.

And decide.

It is the list of ‘shoulds’ that are pushing you up that hill, when you were born to create and fly. 

Maybe it is time to act on it.

To act from a place of just BEing. To feel into that place.

To listen closely to your heart, soften those fears controlling your life and live from your creative flow state.

Maybe it is time to create that energetic frequency all around you, for your own business, for your own life, to live in the truth that you can open the door to receive, know and play with all that is actually there for you.

I’ve created something….it is coming soon!

Join my launch party for my upcoming new course The Mystic Business: Create the Energetic Presence for Your Thriving Business!

The launch party is on April 20th, 21st and 22nd at 7pm MST in The Soulfully Aligned Women FB group.

Please send out the link for your friends to join this free launch party where we will talk about

  • the common mistakes of a small business,
  • the energetic blueprint to create a thriving, growing business
  • and my 5 powerful sutras that create an energetic resonance for my business that keeps that energy growing and expanding.

In the meantime, hunt down those deep hidden fears that are lurking in the shadows.

What are your deepest fears?

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!

Love Janice

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