How to Surrender to Manifesting!

How to Surrender to Manifesting

Good Morning Monday and Good Morning my Creative Friend!

It’s Monday and a chance to do it all again, even better than we did last week!

How did last week go for you? Did you manifest more money into your life? Even just a little bit is a step in the right direction and it is important we recognize it, acknowledge it, and  be gratefulfor it. You missed it?! Well here it is for you, just click here.

Maybe someone bought you a cup of coffee, or even better your lunch? Maybe you won a free ticket in last week’s lottery? Did you get any unexpected gifts? In whatever way it came to you, this is the Universe giving to you. You are opening the doors and beginning to receive!

The more this happens, the more you begin to build your trust in the Universe.

Keep going with the Surrender Meditation (link is below) every day or twice a day if possible. You will see things shifting dramatically in your life when you begin to give up control and open to receive the gifts from the Universe.

Now I know how hard this is! I was afraid if I gave up control to the Universe it would not give mewhat I wanted but what the Universe thought I should have. It took me several years of baby steps to build my trust up. And what I came to realize is that the Universe’s plan for me is even bigger than I could ever imagine. So it really is to my advantage to let the Universe take control.

Now don’t worry, it won’t take you several years to get really good at this, that’s why I’m here! To help you and get you through the short cuts! I am showing you how to get there in a much quicker way than I did!

Surrender does not mean giving in or giving up on your dreams. Surrender is a releasing of resistance to what may be.

To surrender to abundance, love, vibrant health or more time is to be present in the momentinstead of worrying and obsessing over the future or reliving the past.

This week our focus is on love and we bring more love into our life the same way we did for money. We focus on the feeling of love while we do our Surrender Meditation daily. Then we remain open to receiving love in our lives.

So what does love feel like to you?
Warm, comforting, expansive, accepted, fullness, light, bliss, open, trusting….

Are you open to receive love?

I know a special lady in my life who is an amazing caregiver and she nurtures and supports everyone around her. This is her passion! She loves family and loves being of service to her family. This is where her creative energy flows freely!

However, when the time comes for her to need support she gets frustrated, even angry at anyone who tries to help her. She perceives it as a weakness (by the way, this is a block and a perfect time for her to work on releasing this block is when she needs to lean on someone else, check out releasing blocks here)

Does this sound familiar to you?

My block was around trusting others and I had to work on releasing this to open to receiving in my life.This came from my childhood story, but the story doesn’t matter anymore. What does matter is bringing awareness to the moments I am blocking this love from flowing into my life.Recognizing when I tighten up my energy and then consciously releasing to allow.

This week I want you to open up to receive, and gracefully accept in whatever way it arrives. It could be physical help, just some form of support, a good listener, or someone expressing their gratitude for having you in their life.. Think of any help you receive as if you have a team behind you supporting you.

Angels can show up in our lives through our sisters and brothers of this world. So even if you can‘handle it’ on your own, stop, smile and breathe, thank the Universe and say yes to this flow of love coming into your life.

Remember people love to be of service, it helps make them feel a sense of belonging andworthiness. You are probably doing them a great favor by accepting their gift gracefully.

As we open to love, more love flows into our lives. So if you are looking for the love of your life, or just more appreciation from family, respect at work or improvement to your current relationships this is the week for you!

So let’s recap:

  •  Do your Surrender Meditation daily (twice a day is better)
  • Imagine the feeling of love and consciously open to receive love into your life

  • Recognize and accept gracefully

  • At the end of each day, thank the Universe, feel the gratitude and appreciation.

And have a beautifully, creative week my friend!
See you next Monday
Love Janice

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