How to Remove Limiting Beliefs

Removing Your Blocks

Good Morning Friend!

June has been our month of intentional manifesting of money, love, time and now vibrant health.

How is your health? Are you as vibrant as you would like to be? Do you feel good every day?

As I say this and as you have worked on the areas of money and love, and as you have done your daily meditation, you probably found some areas that areblocked, or not manifesting in the ways you would like.

Say this out loud, “I AM MAGNIFICENT!”

Okay as soon as you said that what thought or reaction came up? Laughter? Guilt? Shame? Do you feel silly saying this? Maybe like you are faking it?

There it is! Shine the flashlight on it! There are your limiting beliefs?

The first time I said it I laughed. And then I could see faces of friends laughing at me, and a voice says, “ya right, go ahead keep dreaming. You’re average”

What is your story about you?
Where did that story come from?
When did this story first emerge in your life?
What needs to be forgiven in order for you to thrive in magnificence? A person, a behavior pattern,

Through forgiveness we express the transformation of fear into love.

What are your stories about your health? Your relationships? Your abundance?

Well it is time to change that old limiting story! That is not who you are anymore!
You have grown and evolved from all those past events and you are a totally different person today.

Here is how to open to the love that will let you shine your magnificence:

In your meditation, envision standing tall and all around you are the people or stories you have created about your life. Image cords running from your body to all these stories. Pull in your creative source energy from the universe in through the top of your head, connecting straight down to the center of the earth. Feel it like a pillar of light strong inside of you. Then when you are ready, with love, and with golden scissors, begin to cut the cords connecting you to all those stories. Thank them each for their lesson but let the cord fall away. This will feel good, releasing and lightening you up. Allow them to fall away with love all around you.

Now say this prayer:

I call on forgiveness to heal this fear based belief system of
(add your limited belief here),
and I welcome the miracle to come in.
I ask that this fear based belief system be released from me
and I can forgive fully. 

Repeat this prayer every day for 30, 40, 90 days, for however long it is needed and you will be busting through blocks and glass ceilings.

The miracle is the shift that will occur that lets the fear fall away and the love fill you up. When you work on this practice you become very powerful at manifesting in your life.

You can’t manifest if you have limiting beliefs bouncing the light away.

Work on one area of your life at a time. The one that is most needed at this time; is it in money, love, time or health?

Forgiveness is an invitation to the Universe, to a spirit greater than you, to come in and guide you. It is a willingness to let go and let GOD. It is surrender.

The Universe will guide you as you open to be willing to forgive. Pay attention to the shifts and express gratitude as you dissolve your limiting beliefs.

Enjoy your week!
Love Janice

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