How to Consciously Shift to an Empowered Life

Prayer Empowers You with Grace

Hello Creatives!

I have been waking up feeling in a low lately.

It’s not depression. It’s just a low.

And I think, it’s okay. It will pass soon and I will feel better again. I will get my vibe back. I just feel a little tired today.

But it has been happening all summer.

Sound familiar? 

You are not alone. I have been having many conversations with other women about this all summer.

It feels like the excitement for life has dwindled. 

Instead of standing at the canvas ready to create the life of your dreams, you are finding yourself in the ready stance.

(The ready stance is a term used in sports; feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, ready.)

Ready for anything. Ready to defend.

As our world that used to be consistent, continually changes around us, we find ourselves in this ready stance.

Instead of enthusiasm to create in our life, we are standing defensive, in fear and apprehension.

And this is exhausting.

So if you check in and find yourself in this ready stance, this post may help you.

I talk to you a lot about consciously creating your heart’s desires in your life.  

This is not all about your job, your car, your relationships or your income.

This is so much more about your health. Your spiritual growth. Your awareness of your state of consciousness.

And I teach about aligning and co-creating with the powers of the Universe.

Co-creating with the powers of the Universe is standing in grace.

It’s about holding the grace within you to walk a path that may not be easy, and still see through the lens of love.

It’s about getting up every day and living through your heart even when its scary, unclear and uncertain.

It is about choosing a life that fills up your heart with peace, laughter and love.

And it’s about remembering you are co-creating with the Universe.

Things feel very uncertain right now. We need to remember the certainty we used to have was an illusion.

Nothing was ever certain. And asking for certainty is not living in faith or trust in the Universe.

Our world is transforming right now, and it is not going to be over quickly. Many of us are waiting for all of this uncertainty to be over. I know I keep thinking, well once we get through flu season…once we get to spring….maybe next summer….

And when these milestones come and uncertainty doesn’t change it can pull you into a depression.

This is our opportunity to go to new spiritual depths. 

Uncertainty robs our power. It can leave us feeling victimized and constantly on the defensive.

Finding joy and peace within uncertainty is our lesson now.

How do we consciously shift to create a life that is empowered and joyful despite the external conditions?

You use the power of prayer.

Prayer empowers you with grace.

The cosmic forces of this beautiful Universe are standing at your side. 

But you have been given the gift of free will to create on this earth and these forces can not do what we can do here. They can, however, fill you with the beauty of grace and empower you to bring that to this world. 

They can guide and give you inspiration, but only when you invite them in.

It only takes heart felt prayer to bring them in.

The next time you are feeling upset, angry or depressed, sink into your heart and ask for peace to flood through you.

Say this prayer:

Thank you Universe for helping me see this differently.

Thank you for helping me to see this through the eyes of love.

Thank you for helping me release the fears and illusions of this world.

Thank you for clearing my vision to see the cosmic truths and for filling me with grace to walk this path bravely.

Thank you for filling my days with the highest vibration of love.

This week use the power of prayer to help you create your days and to release apprehension, fears, and illusions that we may be absorbing from the world around us.

We have the power at this time to create together a world that deepens its spiritual awareness as a collective.

Let’s create this together. It is up to us.

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