Freefall Into Your Soul

Freefall Into Your Soul

Hello beautiful!

Are you looking to make a shift in your life? Are you looking to pivot?

Well here is a thought for you.  I want you to feel deep inside, way down into the depths of your heart.

What is your heart yearning for? Is it more love? More peace? More freedom? More acceptance?

Well you are not alone. And here is the answer for you, for all of those yearnings.

When you say YES to your soul everything gains momentum in the positive direction!
When you make a decision and commit, everything comes together!

Have you noticed this before?

I had this conversation with my sister recently. We were talking about how much we just rise up when we are forced to. Every single time in life when I have been backed into a corner, I rise up and things always work out. I look deep within my heart and say, “You’ve got this girl.” I go for it, but IT is always what my heart is yearning for.

Here is an example that just came up this week.

My son called me to let me know he and a couple of his friends were planning a roadtrip to Tofino. He booked the week off, not quite knowing if he could actually afford to take the time off work right now. But he really wanted to go, and his heart and soul were totally calling to him to go. He was so ready for a break from everything in life.

So he committed and booked the time off, trusting it would work out some way. The next day new orders came in to his work which allowed him to work a extra hours before he goes, and even when he gets back from his trip. All just lined up for him, because his heart was calling and he followed the inspiration.

Recently my husband had a minor heart attack (it’s okay he is doing great now).
But it did mean he had to be off work for almost a month. And his company does not have short term sick pay. (Ugh!)

After stressing a little bit, I got over it and just said, “Okay let’s do this! We are going to be fine and that is all there is to it. I’m ready Universe, I trust you are always there to support us and I am listening.”

And do you know what? Our monthly income did not change even though he was off work.

How? I’m not sure, but the ‘how’ does not matter.

What does matter is that you hold the clear intention, have complete trust and follow the inspiration without any doubt in your mind. That is committment, a knowing that it is going to happen.

And when you do this for you….for your own soul…when you commit and finally free fall into your soul, everything in your life begins to come together. There is more ease, more flow, more peace. 

There is so much less stress, tightness, anxiety, stuggle.

Stressing about how it is going to happen, worrying about the number of different possible negative outcomes that may arrive at your door is a complete waste of time.

Stay in the moment. Stay centered in your inner knowing.
Listen closely to this inner voice because it knows the way far better than you do.

How do you hear that voice?
It begins with silence.
Sittling quietly with yourself.
Being in the creative flow through writing, or doing creative work of some form.
The voice comes through music, your art, your complete presence.

Your work with your inner self has to be your number one priority. You have to begin to put yourself, your inner peace first, no matter what. You have to stop and sit in the silence through meditation, daily. You have to take care of your body, your vessel, through movement and healthy eating.

There are no shortcuts. It is dedication and it is practice.
And we need to teach our children how to do this by being an example for them.

Begin with you. Free fall into your soul. Discover the many layers to this world.
And you will begin to live a life beyond your dreams.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass taught me this. It grounded me into my soul.
The doors close on June 20th at 7:00pm and will not open again until June 2020.
I hope you were able to catch my live video on Soulfully Aligned Women where I explained my experience of SJMC and all the extra bonuses I am adding in, on top of Gabby Bernstein’s bonuses for everyone who signs up under this link:

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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