Following the Gold Nuggets

A Special Message from Archangel Orion – Following the Gold Nuggets

Hello my friend!

Have you been listening to the messages coming to you through your higher power, your angels and guides?

I have a special message for you today from Archangel Orion.

Archangel Orion’s message to you this week will help you hear your direct guidance. 

His message tells you exactly how to find and hear from your angels directly.

But first let me show you how I receive messages and listen closely to them.

I find the messages from my higher power come to me in little drops of thoughts, words or feelings. They are like little nuggets of gold along my manifesting journey. 

Paying attention to them can give us the guidance we have been asking for.

So as I sat down to write this weekly inspirational message for you, I thought about my past week.

Here are a few of the  gold nuggets I have received this week:

  • The word ‘transformation’ – this word has been brought to my awareness about 7 or 8 times this week.
  • The word ‘ascension’ – another word that has come up this week and I am rereading an older book I have that is called Ascension. 
  • The message to follow the guidance daily no matter what it is telling you.
  • The strong feeling of wanting to clear out and make space, reorganize – both physically in my body and in my home.

As I took some time to feel more into all these messages I felt the urge to look up the meaning of transformation and one of the definitions really popped right out:

Transform – change the voltage of an electric current.

Well this fits in well with ascension doesn’t it?

“Ascension is living in a higher level of light. Ascended masters are enlightened humans who have attained physical immortality by transforming their physical bodies into more refined, luminous, subtle material.”  From the book Ascension by Susan Shumsky

Attaining ascension is available for all of us and is often referred to as reaching a state of nirvana. To reach this state we transform our bodies to a higher vibration or frequency, thereby, ascending beyond the physical level into the higher dimensions of being.

The next gold nugget I received was to call in Archangel Orion in my meditation, as I asked, what is the message we need to hear at this time?

And here is your message, directly from Archangel Orion:

You are more light, you are more love, than physical manifestation.

When you remember this, your life purpose becomes crystal clear.

We are always here for you, at any moment to guide, to shine a light on your path.

Indeed, we are doing this in every moment of every day. 

You simply need to tune in to see the signs.

At this time you seek hope.

At this time there is great need of guidance.

And we want you to know the message is always the same for there is no other way. 

Your path is lit up before you. The shift to see is your own choice. 

The message here is to seek to stay open and curious of the many different ways that are channeled to help you find the way.

There are many receiving inspiration of ways to help you. 

There are no wrong decisions, you simply need to follow your heart. 

Follow the offerings that most light you up. 

It is there you will receive the downloads that will take you step by step closer to us.

Do not mistake the one who is offering with your own powerful higher self. 

These beings on your planet at this time are simply receiving and following the inspiration we are sending through them to awaken the light within you and many others on the planet. 

You hold the wisdom within you. 

You have the access point, the gateway to your higher wisdom. 

But together, all of you on earth at this time, can bring more and more light to the world. 

You seek hope, you seek refuge from the fear. 

This is how you find us. This is how you find the everlasting peace. 

Open to your heart. Follow the inspiration. Follow what feels good, open and light. 

Follow the open and ease. 

You will find our guidance all around you. Through other people, through nature, through your quiet moments and thoughts. You need only ask your question then sit quietly for us to merge with you. We are always here. Forever your guidance with us lies in your heart. 

Follow the light in your heart. Follow the joy in your heart.

In this way you will merge, you will transform your physical body to receive more light, more frequency codes of higher dimensions and more awareness of your life purpose.

And so it is. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And so as you read, listening to the daily inspiration and guidance gives you the direction each day to your next right step towards ascension. Follow your heart’s calling. When you see a course pop up that gets you excited, when you see a coach that you feel a connection with, when you receive an inspired thought pop into your mind….follow it!

Create the space in your life, in your body, in your home to invite this new energy in.

It is coming into your awareness for a reason. Your guides and angels are lining you up with it.

Do it, do it, do it!

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Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!

Love Janice


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