Follow Your North Star

Hello my creative friends,

I grew up in a home where nothing was thrown out. You saved everything because you may just need it again.

It was a time when things were not as readily available as they are today.

There is a shift in the energy now from back then. Today we can learn so much from the younger generation because they are minimalists. They live with the feeling of, “If I need it again, I will find another one.” 

They find it easy to let go.

Now I agree there are pros and cons to this but I can also see how I can learn so much from them.

This is an energy of freedom and abundance. It is a feeling of trust in creative abilities.

This past week I was struggling with something that I wanted to fix and make better. It was something I was clinging to and determined to make it work. And I was stuck in the energy of trying to figure it out.

How often do we do this with relationships, situations, and even things like our home, car, clothing?

If you have been struggling with something like this you may be in the stuck energy as I was. 

How can I fix this? What am I doing wrong? How can I make it better? 

Saturday as I journeyed with the women in my group, The Soulfully Aligned You Creative Portal, I was graced with a beautiful message:

You are a creator – a powerful creator.

There is no need to cling to old ways, structures, or things hoping they will change and bring you what you want.

Let go. Release it all and open to the new creative possibilities. 

Keep moving forward, not back. Stay in the creative flow and create the new. 

You can fly when you let go of these heavy weights. 

I was shown how clinging to the old, trying to fix the old was causing me to turn away from all the infinite possibilities that I could create in the future. 

Clinging to the old is not trusting that you can create again, and again, and again. Trust in your creative abilities and all the co-creative support that is there for you. 

If you don’t like the way something is turning out in your life then focus on recreating it, as opposed to fixing it. 

Ask yourself:  What in my life would I change? What in my life is not working out for me? Then ask: What in my life is working? 

The world around us is feedback for us. It is not a judgement or a message that you are not good enough, worthy enough or smart enough.  It is simply feedback. So analyze it a bit.

If something is working, it is lining up with your north star. If something is not working, it is a bit off track. 

Can you see where you need to shift? 

Aiming for your north star will bring everything to you with ease and flow.  And everything is giving you feedback on the direction you are heading.

Have a beautiful week of finding your north star and shining your light!

Love Janice

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