Finding Your Untapped Potential

Hello Creative Friend!

Last week I asked you the question, “Who are you at your core? What is the core essence of you?

Now more than ever it is important we all ask ourselves these deeper questions because if we don’t ask these deeper questions, and remember that what we focus on expands, we stagnate.

We don’t move forward, we stay where we are repeating the same old patterns, stuck in our own suffering, just like Groundhog Day.

And the world needs all of us to help her get to the other side of all the suffering she is experiencing.
We all need to access a pure vision, one aligned with mother earth and all her life forms, and hold it strong.

But you may be thinking, how does this help me right now? I am in survival mode, trying to take care of my family and loved ones. Let someone else worry about Mother Earth and world peace. I have enough on my plate right now.”

Well I hear you sister!
I completely understand and don’t judge you at all. Because life is crazy right now isn’t it?
But here is the truth:
The beautiful vision we have for the earth will not appear until we have each found that glory within.
This is not the biblical sense of glory…or maybe it is, I don’t know.

But here is what I do know about what glory looks like for you:

It is a vision of you in your fullest beauty.
You are living your most authentic, aligned life.
You are safe, secure and happy.
You are loved and feel the power and support of that love glowing from within.
You are standing strong; empowered.

The time for you to claim this for yourself is now. No one is going to do it for you.
And when you decide, when you shift into that clear decision, everything changes.

But it first takes you to feel into your heart.
What do you want?
What have you been accepting as normal that you no longer want to be the normal in your life?
What have you had enough of?
What are you no longer going to accept?
Where do you want to be in a year from now, 5 years from now?
Do you imagine you will be pretty much in the same place as you are now?
Have you created a clear vision of what you want for your life in 5 years?

When you step up and claim the power to change things in your life, the power of the Universe backs you up.
You find yourself surrounded with all kinds of support; people come into your life and opportunities that lead you to what you want appear.
Because when you ask, you will receive.

I am excited to share that I have created a new course that begins in January. You can see more about it by clicking here or the image to the left at the top.

It is a monthly sacred creative portal and global community where you will be lead on a shamanic art journey into mystical and natural realms, you will learn from Spirit Guides, Allies and create art to bring you into a deeper connection with yourself.

This week, beginning on Tuesday at noon, in The Soulfully Aligned Women Facebook group, I will be coming on live to give you card readings, chats, meditative painting techniques and more every day at noon until we begin our Portal Peek session on Sunday November 15th. My intention is to help you begin to line up with what you want to create in 2021, and for you to learn more about my monthly portal group.
Tuesday you will learn more about accessing your untapped potential as a creative being.

My prayer:

May I be a shining light for all those who seek hope.
May I be a clear channel of higher guidance and wisdom for all.
May what I offer be a resting place for all who are tired.
May the creative flow pouring through me inspire each person to open
to their own flow, wisdom and power.
May what I have to offer call forward all beings who are ready
to find healing and transformation,
who are ready to expand into their purest untapped potential,
and guide them to freedom from their unnecessary suffering,
and may all walk a straight path to their own
empowerment, grace and abundance.

Have a beautifully creative week,

Love Janice

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