Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness

Are you ready to intentionally create a new level of your life?

The powerful creative flow is always running through our being. Creating in our life requires a clear channel. The Universe is ready to give you all you want, but when it doesn’t show up fully, it is a sure sign we are blocking this beautiful grace.

When you awaken to your soul, you are also awakening to the darkness, or debris, that has been tethering you down.

Your body wants to release these patterns that are locked in to your physical, mental, and emotional being.  Our patterns are old, and we are either living in fear or love. Identifying our fears helps us shine the light on what is standing in our way to creating fully in our life.

Over these 6 weeks you will be clearing the debris through from your trail that is preventing you from living a life of your heart’s desires.

Committing to this practice for 40 days will help you create beautiful, radical change by adding up subtle shifts every day. Shifting your perception will transform your life in awe-inspiring ways you may never have thought possible.

Each week has a different focus that will help you achieve miraculous results in every area of your life.

Your Sacred Painting Will Emerge Week by Week

Each week we will be infusing our intentions and shifts of perception into our canvas.

And by the end of the six weeks you will have a beautiful painting of your own wings!

Your sacred painting will exude this new energy of miracles, shifts of perception, forgiveness and healing out into your space for you to remember throughout the year.

You are getting so much more than a painting!

  •  Individual weekly vibe sessions with Janice
  • Your own copy of May Cause Miracles book by Gabby Bernstein
  • Painting tutorials, tips and techniques each week
  • Meditations to use through the weeks
  • Journal prompts
  • Affirmations and reminders through each week
    A toolbox full of strategies to use to bring you back to your heart centered living after our 6 weeks together
  • Special opportunity for one on one coaching sessions to carry you through even longer!

Here is how it breaks down

Week 1 – Becoming Miracle Minded

We will begin this week with a live video call to set us up for the 6 weeks, as well as this week. This first week will be about identifying the fears that are blocking our creative flow in our life. We will work through Gabby’s key principles of witnessing our fears, being willing to change, how to shift our perception, opening to gratitude, forgiveness and miracles.

Painting Tutorial 

And you will begin your painting! I will guide you through a video tutorial to begin infusing your new intentions into your canvas.

Week 2 – A New Self-Perception

Our live video call will begin with talking about what came up for us over the last week, then will move into setting us up for week 2. Through stories, examples and testimonials you will open to receive the shifts available for you through this new week. This week is about self-love. You will be guided to strengthen your relationship with yourself, and you will become willing to release old patterns of self-attack. 

Painting Tutorial

Through another video tutorial we will begin adding a new layer of intentions onto our canvas. Each week I will share painting techniques with you.

Week 3 – Body Image

 Each week our live video call will begin with sharing and questions from the last week, and setting us up for the new focus for this week. This week you will load up on practical exercises that shift your patterns of self-sabotage when it comes to food and your body. You will be guided to identify the root cause of any food and body issues you may have and you’ll see how ingesting loving thoughts greatly enhances how you ingest your food and perceive your body. 

Painting Tutorial

Another painting tutorial will guide you through your painting for this week.

Week 4 – Relationships

Beginning with our live call again this week we prepare for our focus on the relationships around us. We will get honest about how fear has created blocks in our relationships, whether it is blocking romantic bliss or interfering with other relationships in our life. You will gain powerful tools from A Course in Miracles that will lead you to experience immediate internal shifts around romance, whether you are single or attached. 

Painting Tutorial

And we will add beautiful new energy intentions to our painting by creating the form of our wings. We are now shifting to higher perspectives and our wings are emerging!

Week 5 – Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net-Worth 

In our live video call together we will review last week and move into bringing more abundance into our lives. We have worked hard over the last 4 weeks, clearing debris from our lives and making space to receive more from the Universe. This is the week we will realize how fear has blocked our financial abundance. The exercises this week will activate gratitude for your workplace, help you face your financial fears, and guide you to shift your limiting beliefs around money and work. This week is applicable to any type of work. 

Painting Tutorial

In our painting we will begin to bring our wings from shadowy images to clear form. This is when we begin to pull the earth energy up to stand strongly in our higher power and receive support from our beautiful team of guides and angels.

Week 6 –  Working Miracles

Of course, we begin our week with connection and community, sharing and answering any questions that you may have from the last big week of shifting to receive all the abundance we deserve. In this final week we embrace the practice of being a miracle worker in the world! This week helps you shift your focus onto your power to create energetic change in the world. Service is a key principle in A Course in Miracles – when you focus your thoughts and energy lovingly onto others, your heart opens and your true purpose shines bright. 

Painting Tutorial

The final painting tutorial will help you put the finishing touches on your wings, and create a vibration of miracles in your painting!

 BONUS Week 7 – Conclusion

This final week we will share our stories on our community, reflect on all our strategies and tools that we can take with us, and close our energy as a group. You have learned to live a miraculous life now and your journey continues on a much higher level. We will share the beauty of our paintings on our group page or in our live video call. Our facebook group will remain open for all of you to continue to share and support each other in the coming weeks. 



“Clearing Debris Through Forgiveness, and Janice gave me the tools to pick myself up and strip back my ego, my limiting beliefs, my story I have wrapped around myself like a security blanket. I can now stand in my heart center and choose a different path. Janice has taught me that I had wings all along but couldn’t see them. As they came to life on my canvas my eyes were opened, I remembered them from dreams. When I took the heavy blanket of my stories off my shoulders they were free to open. As the blanket of my ego tried to knit itself back together I have learned to recognize the signs. I can now shake it off and my soul can fly higher. Again and again I can choose the higher path. It is becoming a habit. And the more I use my wings the stronger they become. I am like a bird that doesn’t put its faith on the branch, but on my ability to use my wings and fly.”

Larissa Manser

“This course has changed me. In a real and profound way – my very core and the essence of WHO I am is no longer the same. I. Am. Better. I feel like I am embracing who I am and was always meant to be. I know in my heart of hearts that my purpose in this lifetime is to live a life where I guenuinely commit to making this world a better place…where my actions and intentions ring light to this world and miracles to those who live here. Janice supported me in ways that I needed the most. She was always available, not just during the weekly calls, but when I faced difficulties with different lessons during the 42 days. She is a talented and gifted lightworker.” Lori

This is NEW!

Individual vibe sessions with Janice have never been offered before for this program!


Who Am I?

I have been an artist, spiritual mindset coach, and teacher for over 25 years and am also the author of the book, The Creation Guild.  My vision is to help you find the freedom to step into your greatness and intentionally design your life in your highest creative flow.

Through many years as an international artist and author, I have learned that your creative flow is your place of power for creating in your life. Learning many deeper levels of connection through the years has been my passion, and training with my friend and mentor Gabby Bernstein has been an amazing honour. Having direct training from Gabby on her May Cause Miracles course and book, has certified me to teach her course.  Join me as we take Gabby’s teachings to a new level with painting our intentions and growth into our new wings!

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