3 Steps to Transmute Your Fears

Remove the Obstacles Blocking Your Manifesting

Transmuting your fear will remove the obstacles that keep you from being a clear conduit of your creative flow and abundance.

What are you desiring more of in your life?
More money flow?
A new job? To serve the world through your own business?
A new or better relationship?
More vibrant health?

All of this is manifested through your creative flow.
And anything without resistance will find its way into your life.

The key to unlocking your creative flow and allowing your dreams to manifest is self-awareness.
Taking the time to return to the essence of who you are, and nurturing this essence, realigns you with the river of flow your soul generates.

And let me add this:
Anything you create, or desire to create, in your life that brings you into joy is a blessing and comes from the heart of the Universe.

Self-awareness allows you to see clearly the fears that are the obstacles in your way. More self-knowledge, more self-awareness of your own unique soul is what is needed to open the flood gates of abundance to all you want to manifest.

Attuning yourself back into your essence (love) will allow you to express with ease and grace. The river of creative flow (your abundance) will move through you unhindered. It is never dried up, despite the fears you may have. You are simply allowing the obstacle of fear to get in the way.

Transmuting the fears through your continued work of more self-awareness and building your skills around this, ushers in unity consciousness, heart connection and compassion. The river will flow.

Quantum physics tells us that the observer affects the outcome of an experiment.
Metaphysical thought has shown usĀ  that by our intentions we create our own future.

You are a powerful being of intention.
Pay attention to all your thoughts and transmute the ones that trouble you or cause fear.

So you may be thinking, where do I begin?
How do I transmute my fear and allow my creative flow in today?

Step #1 – Bring your full awareness to the fears as they come up. Often we will hide from these fears, consciously or unconsciously. We will avoid them by distracting ourselves. We get super busy so we don’t have to face them. Or we push them down because these bring up some pretty awful feelings, and we really just want to feel good. This work requires courage, but it is so worth it!

Step #2 – Dig deep into it. What feelings are coming up with this fear? Where did this fear come from? When was the first time you felt this feeling? Acknowledge this without judgement.

Step #3 – Choose a new story. Coach yourself through it. Shift. Intentionally pivot. You get to tell the story of you. The truth is what you choose to believe is the truth. For example: This past is not the truth of who I am now. I am a totally different person than I was then and I get to forgive myself for everything. I get to move forward, gaining wisdom and strength from that past event. There is no one out there in the Universe telling me I have to suffer for my past. I am now done with it and choose to see myself in abundance.

Release all this fear back to the Universe to be transmuted through all space in time. Fill yourself up with your beautiful pure essence of love. Forgive yourself for holding onto to it for so long. Choose to be done. Intend to create from the beautiful creative flow that is always within you.

Join me each week day at 7:17 am MST for a free guided meditation in Soulfully Aligned Women.

Have a beautiful week of creating your dreams and shining your light!
Love Janice

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