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About Me

Hi I’m Janice! I am a soulful teacher, author, life coach and artist.

I began my spiritual journey in 1993 after a traumatic life experience guided me to learn at a deeper level under a shaman. I have learned many healing modalities, expanded my intuition and have been led to writing and teaching about spirituality in our daily life. Today I live a life filled with guidance, inspiration, joy and abundance.

My job is to help you deepen your connection with your own higher power, help you get unstuck in your life, and move you into a life that you feel guided and inspired daily. I help to move you along your path and hold space for you so your old beliefs and stories that tell you you can’t do it or get there, can no longer survive.

I teach you to not accept anything less than your true desire, to instill in you the power of your own creation, and to show you how easy intentionally co-creating your life gets to be.

About My Painting: Paint from your soul! For sure, that’s my mantra. Not only do I paint from my soul but painting nurtures my connection to my soul. We live in a world of color, energy and movement, and art should capture these qualities and stir emotions when others view it. How could that possibly happen if, as an artist, I am not connected to that powerful creative force flowing through me? Connecting to my creative energy is a daily lifestyle for me. I am passionate about being connected and being creative every day, along with coaching others do the same. 

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