Love Pours Forth

Love Pours Forth

Surrending to the Divine Plan of the Universe

Hello Friend!

This week my focus has been on surrendering, releasing and just allowing myself to be, as you may have seen from my video on Soulfully Aligned Women.

One thing I have been doing is listening to a beautiful song called, “Heart of the Universe” by Peter Kater & Snatam Kaur, and it has been very centering for me. It has brought me back home again.

If you are feeling at all confused, foggy or have that feeling of striving creeping in, or ambitious tension then perhaps you need to take time to sink back into your heart presence in this moment, as I did.

Take a look around you. What is happening externally is feedback for you.
It is a direct reflection of what is going on inside you…
Remember external abundace begins with spiritual abundance.

When I relax into the feeling of the moment, surrender and open to receive, then everything becomes crystal clear again.

What is truly important in my heart comes forward once again.

And when I dwell here everything begins to flow again in the direction of my true heart desires.

Surrendering to the will of the Universe – letting go, releasing…trusting is the place of true empowerment.

The ‘zen mind’ or ‘beginner’s mind’ in Zen Buddhism means we are open to receive – open to learn.

When I  think I know how everything needs to unfold and am wanting the Universe to follow my directions, then I am not teachable.
Nothing can flow in. I am blocking the presence of my creative flow.

When I empty my mind, let go of my expectations and make my alignment with my heart my #1 priority, then everything flows and begins to unfold in the direction that is of the highest good for all.

I am stepping back and allowing a higher power within me to lead the way.
This place is where insight and inspirations flow forward.

Dwelling in this space and really sinking into that feeling of complete surrender – that sweet feeling of love and heart centeredness… then instantly love pours forth from the heart of the Universe.

As we recognize that nothing else matters but this feeling of love and peace, and we make this feeling the center of our lives, then everything will flow toward your desires.

And then you become the guiding light in the lives of all your loved ones, shining the way forward.

Affirmation for this week: 
Love pours forth from the heart of the Universe and I am held steady in these divine cosmic arms.

Have a beautiful week of love, trust and surrendering.
Love Janice

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How Knowing Your Energetic Minimums Helps You Break Glass Ceilings

Manifesting is energy my friend and energy is love!

When you think of your energetic minimum for money, health, love & relationships what do you think of?

Let me explain…..
We all have an energetic minimum, a bar, that we are unwilling to drop below when it comes to our lifestyle or relationships with others and ourselves.

This is usually an unconscious bar that we hold and bringing our awareness of where our bar is being held is like finding where you are on a roadmap.

You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are at. Even a compass won’t help until you locate your position.

So we are going to locate your energetic position in your life and then ourintention and all the work we are doing to clear up our limiting beliefs become our compass to our desired life.

I want to share my experience with this to help you understand:

My energetic minimum for money was tied to my home. I was willing to make enough money to make sure we always had our home. Our bills were always met, we had ‘a roof over our head and food on the table.’

I truly love my home, that is where my heart is.  I love being in my home. I love painting in my studio. I love walking in my yard. It brings me peace and joy. And if you are on my Facebook group, Soulfully Aligned Women, then you know I had deep ingrained fears from my childhood around losing my home.

And so, when it comes to my home my need for money drops into my heart.
I want to shower my home with love. I want to decorate, update, beautify my home because I love it so much.

And so knowing my energetic minimum was at the level of just paying the mortgage so we could live here, I could then consciously raise that bar. I focused on my love for my home and I could really get behind allowing more to flow into my life so I could use the tool of money to bless my home with the love I am feeling.

This exercise can be used in any area of your life; love, money or health.
Where are you energetic bars sitting. Are you ready to bust through the threshold and bring more of what you want into your life?

What if you could raise the bar?
What can you get behind?
For some people it will be traveling, for some it may be designer shoes!

You need to find where money drops into your heart and manifest from there.

So then how do we raise the bar?

1. Choose one area of your life that is funky right now and identify the lowest threshold you are willing to accept. Recognize where your minimum is and feel it in your body. This is the point that if it went any lower you would take passionate action. You would do whatever was needed to bring the bar back up again.

  • For money, think lifestyle
  • For love,, think relationships
  • For health, think independence or mobility

2. Imagine raising this bar up. What would it look like? What would it feel like? Feel it in your body. Every day for 40 days go back to this vision and really feel it in your body.

3.  Each day as you do this pay close attention to the limiting beliefs or doubts that surface. When they do you need to do the work to remove that limiting belief.

The time to break through the barriers holding you back in life has come!
If you can dream it, you can live it.

Have a beautiful week my friend!
Love Janice

If you want one on one coaching I have openings available now in my program.

Where are you at in your life? Tell me where you are stuck. Tell me how you think I can help.

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The Biggest Obstacle to our Peace

Obstacles to our Peace Part 1

Hello Friend,

To live a creative life is to live a spiritual life.

Let’s not dance around this topic.
Too often we hide our light behind the front of our lives. But we can not live in our fullest light by hiding part of ourselves and we are not only repressing ourselves but we have a responsibility to our world that we are ignoring.

So let’s get brave and talk about it in this safe space. Let’s get it out there now.

What does God mean to you? This traditional Christian term can bring up lots of feelings for us. Some are positive, some not so much. I have had to work through my own issues with this term. So we will often change the name to the Universe, Creative Energy Source, Goddess, Energy Source….and many more.

Or perhaps you are not Christian? There are so many different forms our beliefs take…Buddhist, Muslim, Hinduism, Secular, Islam, Atheist, Traditional Chinese Religion, Primal Indigenous….

Our sense of a higher power is very personal and very sacred to us. Let’s face it, wars are fought over this. I’m not saying you need to shout your beliefs from the rooftops announcing to everyone around you. Nor should you be trying to convince others what they should believe. But you need to get very clear on your own belief. Where are you at with this?

Living in your fullest light and bringing that light to this world means being unapologetic for who you are. It is time for all of us to be fierce and to step fully into that light and live from that space. Our world is starving from a lack of spiritual connection. And we can each create a shift by committing to our own light. We are soulful beings living a physical life. We can not deny this. There is more to this physical life than what we see with our eyes. Your religion or beliefs does not matter, it is what you are serving to the world through your beliefs, that matters.

Let me share my story with you. I have always been a spiritual seeker. Ever since I was a young child I had questions that the adults around me could not answer. I went to several different churches when I was a young girl, not really knowing what I was seeking but searching nonetheless. Nothing really fit for me. My spiritual seeking continued on through my adult years, and after my research and mentoring from others, I soon developed my own relationship with a higher power. I nurtured this relationship and I am committed to this relationship ahead of all others in my life today. This relationship comes first and it is a daily practice.

However, for many years I lived my life from three different lanes;
my work life,
my creative life;
and my quiet spiritual life.
In this way, my power was divided.

It took an event that brought me to my knees to realize I could not live this way anymore. (One day I will talk about that event, but not yet.) What I did realize through it was that I needed to step fully into my power, no more games, no more hiding, no more pretending. It was time to adult in a big way. I knew my spirituality and my creative talents needed to come together fully into my whole life, and that I had something to offer this world through my gifts and abilities.

And with this shift, came a bigger power. A bigger presence in my life.

Now I didn’t run out and tell everyone, even though when this happens you really want to. But I felt a quiet grace move through me, guiding me, inspiring me.

My mission is to stand in full alignment and to create and hold spaces that are safe and available for you to experiment with the light in your own way. I am committed to myself and to you. And through this we will all begin living our lives as co-creators with our higher power. Living a spiritual life.

And so I ask you to sit down with a pen and paper and answer this question for yourself:

What does a higher power mean to you?

To help you get started here is my answer to this question:

I believe there is an infinite force within us and around us. This is the divine essence of all life forms; life force energy. This energy is pure love and potential. We can align and co-create with is divine presence that is greater than us. We can trust and surrender to this power for a life that is guided, inspired and beyond our own imagination. Our role is to nurture this relationship. Be open. This is a presence to lean on instead of doing it all alone.

When you sit quietly and journal your answer to this question it is the beginning to living a life fully empowered in your light. It brings you clarity, and this brings you more strength to commit fully to you.

Next week is Part 2 – Obstacles to Our Peace – A Tool Bag for you to Use.
Many blessings my friend, and have a beautifully creative week,

Love Janice

How to Remove Limiting Beliefs

Removing Your Blocks

Good Morning Friend!

June has been our month of intentional manifesting of money, love, time and now vibrant health.

How is your health? Are you as vibrant as you would like to be? Do you feel good every day?

As I say this and as you have worked on the areas of money and love, and as you have done your daily meditation, you probably found some areas that areblocked, or not manifesting in the ways you would like.

Say this out loud, “I AM MAGNIFICENT!”

Okay as soon as you said that what thought or reaction came up? Laughter? Guilt? Shame? Do you feel silly saying this? Maybe like you are faking it?

There it is! Shine the flashlight on it! There are your limiting beliefs?

The first time I said it I laughed. And then I could see faces of friends laughing at me, and a voice says, “ya right, go ahead keep dreaming. You’re average”

What is your story about you?
Where did that story come from?
When did this story first emerge in your life?
What needs to be forgiven in order for you to thrive in magnificence? A person, a behavior pattern,

Through forgiveness we express the transformation of fear into love.

What are your stories about your health? Your relationships? Your abundance?

Well it is time to change that old limiting story! That is not who you are anymore!
You have grown and evolved from all those past events and you are a totally different person today.

Here is how to open to the love that will let you shine your magnificence:

In your meditation, envision standing tall and all around you are the people or stories you have created about your life. Image cords running from your body to all these stories. Pull in your creative source energy from the universe in through the top of your head, connecting straight down to the center of the earth. Feel it like a pillar of light strong inside of you. Then when you are ready, with love, and with golden scissors, begin to cut the cords connecting you to all those stories. Thank them each for their lesson but let the cord fall away. This will feel good, releasing and lightening you up. Allow them to fall away with love all around you.

Now say this prayer:

I call on forgiveness to heal this fear based belief system of
(add your limited belief here),
and I welcome the miracle to come in.
I ask that this fear based belief system be released from me
and I can forgive fully. 

Repeat this prayer every day for 30, 40, 90 days, for however long it is needed and you will be busting through blocks and glass ceilings.

The miracle is the shift that will occur that lets the fear fall away and the love fill you up. When you work on this practice you become very powerful at manifesting in your life.

You can’t manifest if you have limiting beliefs bouncing the light away.

Work on one area of your life at a time. The one that is most needed at this time; is it in money, love, time or health?

Forgiveness is an invitation to the Universe, to a spirit greater than you, to come in and guide you. It is a willingness to let go and let GOD. It is surrender.

The Universe will guide you as you open to be willing to forgive. Pay attention to the shifts and express gratitude as you dissolve your limiting beliefs.

Enjoy your week!
Love Janice

How to Surrender to Manifesting!

How to Surrender to Manifesting

Good Morning Monday and Good Morning my Creative Friend!

It’s Monday and a chance to do it all again, even better than we did last week!

How did last week go for you? Did you manifest more money into your life? Even just a little bit is a step in the right direction and it is important we recognize it, acknowledge it, and  be gratefulfor it. You missed it?! Well here it is for you, just click here.

Maybe someone bought you a cup of coffee, or even better your lunch? Maybe you won a free ticket in last week’s lottery? Did you get any unexpected gifts? In whatever way it came to you, this is the Universe giving to you. You are opening the doors and beginning to receive!

The more this happens, the more you begin to build your trust in the Universe.

Keep going with the Surrender Meditation (link is below) every day or twice a day if possible. You will see things shifting dramatically in your life when you begin to give up control and open to receive the gifts from the Universe.

Now I know how hard this is! I was afraid if I gave up control to the Universe it would not give mewhat I wanted but what the Universe thought I should have. It took me several years of baby steps to build my trust up. And what I came to realize is that the Universe’s plan for me is even bigger than I could ever imagine. So it really is to my advantage to let the Universe take control.

Now don’t worry, it won’t take you several years to get really good at this, that’s why I’m here! To help you and get you through the short cuts! I am showing you how to get there in a much quicker way than I did!

Surrender does not mean giving in or giving up on your dreams. Surrender is a releasing of resistance to what may be.

To surrender to abundance, love, vibrant health or more time is to be present in the momentinstead of worrying and obsessing over the future or reliving the past.

This week our focus is on love and we bring more love into our life the same way we did for money. We focus on the feeling of love while we do our Surrender Meditation daily. Then we remain open to receiving love in our lives.

So what does love feel like to you?
Warm, comforting, expansive, accepted, fullness, light, bliss, open, trusting….

Are you open to receive love?

I know a special lady in my life who is an amazing caregiver and she nurtures and supports everyone around her. This is her passion! She loves family and loves being of service to her family. This is where her creative energy flows freely!

However, when the time comes for her to need support she gets frustrated, even angry at anyone who tries to help her. She perceives it as a weakness (by the way, this is a block and a perfect time for her to work on releasing this block is when she needs to lean on someone else, check out releasing blocks here)

Does this sound familiar to you?

My block was around trusting others and I had to work on releasing this to open to receiving in my life.This came from my childhood story, but the story doesn’t matter anymore. What does matter is bringing awareness to the moments I am blocking this love from flowing into my life.Recognizing when I tighten up my energy and then consciously releasing to allow.

This week I want you to open up to receive, and gracefully accept in whatever way it arrives. It could be physical help, just some form of support, a good listener, or someone expressing their gratitude for having you in their life.. Think of any help you receive as if you have a team behind you supporting you.

Angels can show up in our lives through our sisters and brothers of this world. So even if you can‘handle it’ on your own, stop, smile and breathe, thank the Universe and say yes to this flow of love coming into your life.

Remember people love to be of service, it helps make them feel a sense of belonging andworthiness. You are probably doing them a great favor by accepting their gift gracefully.

As we open to love, more love flows into our lives. So if you are looking for the love of your life, or just more appreciation from family, respect at work or improvement to your current relationships this is the week for you!

So let’s recap:

  •  Do your Surrender Meditation daily (twice a day is better)
  • Imagine the feeling of love and consciously open to receive love into your life

  • Recognize and accept gracefully

  • At the end of each day, thank the Universe, feel the gratitude and appreciation.

And have a beautifully, creative week my friend!
See you next Monday
Love Janice

Intentionally Creating More Money in Your Life

Money & Abundance & Energy flowing effortlessly - blog by Janice Gallant

Intentionally Creating Abundance

Good Morning my Creative Friend,

This week I’m going to continue to help you work on the craft of intentionally creating your life and manifesting a life that you can’t wait to get up to every morning.

Last week your focus was to get clear on exactly how you would like to feel in your life and what that may look like. (If you missed last week’s email go here to read it.)

You were to clarify the 5 strongest feelings you would like to manifest more of in your life.

Was abundance on your list? I get it! I’m totally with you my friend. Who doesn’t want more abundance?

I have found that, for most of us, these are the feelings we most desire: money, love, health & time. And really abundance covers all of them. After all abundance means, ‘a very large quantity or amount of something,’ according to the Oxford Dictionary.

But what does abundance feel like to you?

Think of abundance as anything you could ever need – money, safety, comfort, love, time….what does this feel like in your body?

This is what you will focus on this week. ABUNDANCE and more specifically,abundance of money.

Keep asking yourself this week, “What does abundance feel like?”

You may find words or experiences come to your mind, such as, freedom, appreciation, fullness, ease, expansiveness, adventures, peace, exhilaration, openness, trust, or worthiness.

To manifest in your life requires that you surrender to the moment. This does not mean giving up or giving in, it means sinking into the moment and feeling youressence deeply in your body.

Surrender is key to manifesting abundance in your life. First we surrender into the moment, then we feel the abundance.

And I have a gift for you! To help you with this I have created my Surrender Meditation just for you. This is a 15 minute meditation that will put you in the space of manifesting beautiful abundance into your life.

Sign up with the link below to get your free SURRENDER audio meditation.

*A little sidennote for you – Usually, a lack of abundance in the finances will have to do with feelings of unworthiness in some area of your life. Don’t worry, you are not alone here. I have been uncovering my blocks layer by layer and have been getting great results by digging into these blocks. So look deeply into this and maybe do some writing in a journal to help reveal your blocks. Once you discover your block you can work on releasing it and then the energy will flow through this area too. I gave you the steps in a previous email but you can go back and read it here.

Enjoy manifesting this week and be sure to send me your questions or share how your manifesting is unfolding in your life this week!

Love Janice

Mastering Your Manifesting Skills

Mastering Your Manifesting Skills

Good Morning Friends!

It is Monday morning and it is the first Monday of June! This is the month that I refocus on my vision for my life.

Summer Solstice means I revisit or recreate my dream mandala and even if you do not have your own dream mandala (or know what the heck that is) I am going to walk you through the steps of refining your manifesting abilities in your own life.

Through the month of June I will be helping you learn exactly how you can specifically be the co-creator in your own life.

So get ready to take your manifesting to the next level!

If you have read my book, ‘The Creation Guild’ then you know in chapter 8 I explain how our intention and the creative energy of the universe manifest physical things and experiences here on our earth.

**If you haven’t read it then as my gift to you you can go here to get it for a 30% discount for the month of June with free shipping!

(Just so you know the whole book is on the topic of manifesting and walks you through becoming an intentional creator in your life.)

Chapter 8 is titled, ‘Trusting Your Creative Energy Source’ and it is all about the answer I held with great intention in my mind; ‘How do I manifest desires here in this world?” Trusting that you are not the only one involved in your creations here on earth, and that the universe wants you to have a life beyond your wildest dreams are super important when manifesting.

And the answer to my above question was shown to me.

And guess what! It is all about vibration!

Ask any scientist what is at the deepest molecular level of any substance on this earth and they will tell you: vibration.

We perceive this world through our senses and our senses perceive the world through vibration.

Everything vibrates and it is this vibration that allows us to see the colors of flowers, smell the fresh bread baking, hear the truck rumbling down the street and of course taste the sweetness of honey. We feel vibrations too, like love, intuition and inspiration.

The source of all creativity on this earth is a very high vibration and it is infinite.
This energy needs to slow its vibration down to become physical on this earth.

When we slow down and open to receive, like when we do our aligning meditation, we open to the inspiration from source. We set our intentions of how we want to shape our life and thereby begin the manifestation process. We physically slow down to raise our own vibration.

As we create the space to allow this high vibration of energy to move through us, things begin to shift into place for the manifestation to begin.

Aligning to the vibration of what we wish to manifest is very important at this stage.

For example if we wish to find our dream job, we need to begin to feel the vibration of this new job. What would it feel like? What would it look like?

Using all your senses to imagine your dream job will bring your vibration up to meet the universe will align you with the opportunities and inspirational ideas which will bring you to your new dream job.

But if you go into frustration with your current job, or become impatient that it is taking too long, then you begin to interfere with the process and may close the window of manifestation.

Feelings are very important when manifesting and that is why you need to be working on becoming the happiest you have ever been. When you are feeling happy and are full of gratitude you are on your way to creating your life.

(**Note – you can still choose happiness and gratitude even when things are not going the way you would like them to.)

The next step is to have a very clear intention of what you want in your life.

So your task this week is to get clear on exactly how you would like to feel in your life and what that may look like.

Meditate, pray for guidance, journal….do whatever you need to do to find and write down about 5 strong feelings you would like to manifest in your life.

Think about what you want and then describe the feeling it would bring you.

For example if you want a new car what feeling would it give you? Maybe a sense of security? Or feelings of respect from others? If you say proud then why? Keep digging deep to get to the core of the feeling behind the manifestation.

The next three weeks will be showing you the specific steps to manifesting a life that gives you these feelings. Can’t wait to chat next Monday!

Find those deep desired feelings this week!
Love Janice

How to Surrender to the Universe

Four Steps to Allowing the Creative Flow to Unfold Through Your Life

Living a life that is spirit driven requires surrender; surrendering your control to the divine plan, or as I usually say, to the flow of your creative source energy. And when you think you have surrendered completely, surrender more!

This is a constant trust building exercise for me. I have always been a go-getter, a do-it-yourselfer. So if you are even a little like me, letting go into trust is a daily process and we need to work on building our awareness with daily intention. It is a daily practice of noticing the support that is given to you in every way, every day. 

Watch the video then review the steps below

Here are 4 steps that help me reach for surrendering to, and trusting my creative source energy:

  1. Move – Get up and move your body every day. This not only gets the blood flowing but also helps move your energy. Exercise, in whatever form you take; walking, running, swimming, yoga…, raises your vibration up to meet the vibration of your higher self. It helps to bring you into a closer alignment with your source.
  2. Meditate to Align – After you exercise, take 10-20 minutes before you go out the door and do your meditation! Align with your source before you begin your day! (My audio meditation is about 10 mins).
  3. Ask  Questions – While you are in the meditative state ask “What is trying to evolve in my life right now?“ Or as Michael Beckwith says, ‘What is emerging in my life right now? How do I need to grow to allow this energy to move through me?`  Avoid questions like, what am I doing wrong? Or what is wrong with me? Because the Universe just won’t meet you there.
  4. Intention – Show up for your day with 100% intention that you will do whatever is needed and then follow your inspiration. Be open to allowing the divine plan to unfold with grace through your life. Set your intention to become more aware of the events that show you are supported. This may come in a variety of ways; offers of help, a friend buys your coffee, a front row parking space opens up for you, a difficult task becomes easier in some way…and be sure to acknowledge this with gratitude.

You are not handing over your life and losing control because the Universe has your back. The Universe is a mighty powerful force and is conspiring to bring you more joy and happiness than you could ever imagine. It has a much bigger plan for you and can maneuver events that you could never have even thought of.

But you need to get out of the way for this to happen!

Have a wonderful day of creative flow friends!

And be sure to sign up for my Monday morning notes and your free audio meditation.

Happy Creating,

Love Janice

The Connection Between Spiritual Abundance & Physical Abundance

Physical abundance & spiritual abundance are linked. Blog by Janice Gallant

The Connection Between Physical Abundance and Spiritual Abundance

Are you yearning for more abundance in your life? Physical abundance? More money? Better health or relationships?

Let’s face it, we just came through the holiday season and we could all use a little more money. I know I sure could. No matter how many times I promise myself I am not going to overspend at Christmas, I always fail at that. And I always overindulge with the treats of the season. Not exactly an unexpected ending for me if I would just be honest with myself and my budget.

And so as I prepared for my Dream Mandala evening I found myself looking at what is lacking in my life. These thoughts are sneaky little devils, no matter how much I recognize my gratitudes each day, they slip in there sideways. Realizing this I brought them out to the forefront of my mind and shone the light on them. There I could address it honestly. It brought me back to The Course in Miracles teachings and this is where we began our Dream Mandala evening discussion.

(*In case you are unfamiliar with my Dream Mandala evenings, a Dream Mandala is a tool similar to a vision board, but much more powerful. No cutting & pasting pictures on this baby, just pure intention and feelings)

The spiritual reality of the Universe is that it is endless love, infinitely creative, has clear intention, is full of grace and beauty, is forever abundant and is expansive.  Looking to nature you will easily see this is truth. This is the beauty of life force energy manifested in our world. The Universe, source, God light, life force, chi, goddess energy….is all love and we see and feel this love when we look at the beauty of an old growth forest, a sunrise, a flower blooming, or a baby being born.

The Universe is inherently designed to meet your needs. There is no lack of this life force. Do we ever worry that an oak seed won’t grow? Given the proper conditions it always grows into an oak tree. There is no question that the seed has the life force potential to grow into a beautiful tree or that it will become a whale. The inner potential and intention waits for the conditions to be just right and then the growth begins.

So when we identify only with our physical body and its reality, rather than with our spirit and its reality we are missing the amazing beautiful half of the story. Looking at just the physical conditions in our life causes us to believe our worth is whatever is happening in that day. We look in the mirror and don’t like the way our hair looks or we feel our body weight should be better. Or we experience shortcomings in our bank account. If we are focused on this external material world then we measure our worth with that. We think we are not good enough. And how we feel is directly effects our vibration level and our power to create a life of our desires. Poverty consciousness is one of lack and scarcity and has a very low vibration. Our day to day manifested world fluctuates too much for us to look there for value. It is not possible to have success when we focus on the physical world around us. This identifying with our material world brings diminishing feelings. And we perpetuate experiences of struggle and scarcity. When your focus is on fears of the material world, your circumstances are stuck.

However when we focus on our spiritual being we are full of light and love, always. We are so much more than just our physical bodies and material experiences and we need to wake up. Your spiritual source energy is like a background program running at all times through you. You don’t need to think about it for it to be there, it is there all the time. And this spirit, your life force energy is the same energy you see all around you in nature. There is no lack, no judgment, no blame. It is an ever flowing energy always there flowing into you moment by moment. It is like a waterfall of love and all we have to do is shift our daily awareness to this instead of the outside world. We are all perfect and beautiful in spirit all the time. Focusing on this spiritual plane day to day brings a stability to our worth. Nothing varys in this light. With this focus you can create more consistently in your world.

In The Course in Miracles a shift in your perception that shifts your thinking is a miracle. And a miracle brings new possibilities, new energy and new solutions. You don’t need to find the solution you just need to have faith that a solution is possible.

When you shift your focus to your internal abundance you move away from feelings of scarcity and lack. You move into a stable space where solutions to problems come to you. You just need to stay in the feelings of trust. How could we ever tell this amazing source energy, that keeps our planets in perfect rotation around the sun, what the answer to our problems should be. We can not even begin to have awareness of all the infinite possibilites that this powerful source energy has access to.

This shift in perception allows us to put our focus into faith. Faith that the Universe will guide us. Our role is to stay in this state of mind that believes all will be well and we are filled with the abundance of love flowing openly through us. And if you begin to doubt or worry about how this could possibly happen try a little prayer to the Universe:

Dear Universe,

I know you are infinite in power and grace and I know you want joy and happiness for me. Sometimes I forget this and slide back into fears of being taken care of. Please help me return to love. Help me let go of the worry and come back to trust in this infinite power generously flowing to me from you. Help me open to and feel the love flowing to me. Amen

In A Course in Miracles prayer helps you align with Source again. It helps you have faith in the infinite and eternal number of possibilities, shining with the light of love, that the Universe has lined up for you and is constantly re-aligning you to. Faith is power. Where we put our faith directly influences what happens next.

For too long we have been absorbed with this material world, oblivious to the power of aligning with our spiritual self and beginning there first. We have been scrambling along not recognizing the association of spirit to our physical incarnation.

The Universe manifests through you, creating the highest possibilities for your joy and happiness. Returning our hearts to love opens us to these potentials. Internal abundance creates external abundance. Focus on your spiritual well. Believing and having faith that you are filled with Universal light and that there is a never ending waterfall of this energy for you, will always bring success.

Make this your mantra:

  • Spiritual Abundance Creates Physical Abundance

May 2018 bring you many wonderful creative adventures full of joy!

Happy Creating!


Returning to Love

More Love = Less Ego

Returning to Love

This passed year around the world was such a hurtful year full of angry words, resentment and ego. This is not the focus I like to have when I reflect on the year. As many people know me I prefer to look at the positives and yes there were many positives. But it is hard to look at 2017 and not have all the events from the media roll through your mind like a moving picture.

And so this morning as I reflected, I looked at what would I want for myself, my loved ones and the world in the coming new year.

As a student of The Course of Miracles, I look into the text for guidance and I am brought back to the heart.

The Course in Miracles is a text that teaches us that a miracle is a shift in thought that changes your perception and in return fills your heart with healing and love. It teaches that nothing is real except love and that even time does not exist.

Since the course says time does not exist then the healing or as the text refers to the resurrection does not exist in the future but is in this moment now. The crucifiction has no message without the resurrection. In other words the pain of experiences is not helpful without the learning and growth we receive from it. The miracle brings healing. The Universe does not bring you pain it brings you the miracle.

Let me bring this to a more personal level for you. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, or a relationship, or anything else that has shifted your life to one of heartache, your miracle is the understanding that nothing is real except love. Death is not real, it is a transition; a shedding of a well-used body, but the soul remains. When we pass our soul is on a different frequency, not gone. Nothing of this earth is forever except love. We all know that we will all die one day; everything on this physical plane has its time. This body we are using will not go on forever but the light within us will. We need to untie our bonds to the physical world and allow our hearts to see and feel the truth. When a relationship ends, the love you shared between you lives on forever. The bonds of love you had are there forever, nothing can change that. Only the love that is given and received from our experiences is real. Everything else is not real.

Yes I know, this is deep stuff and takes time to understand but if you look into your heart you know it is truth. Most of us don’t want to think of this until we are forced to. Yes, time softens the emotions of pain and allows you to see more clearly through the love you shared but the miracle happens the moment you shift your perception away from the pain to the love. And the course teaches that prayer brings the miracle. When you are struggling ask for help through prayer.

This brings us to my thoughts of where we are on this earth globally and what we need to move forward with peace.

We people here on earth are not bad; we are wounded. We have alienated ourselves from the true Universal love that we are born with and is inherent in all of us. Our fear of this light keeps us from trusting in the Universe.

The first thing we need is forgiveness. I once heard forgiveness is giving up on the idea that the past could be something different. The past is done. Moving forward into forgiveness means allowing that to be, and focusing on the future. Forgiveness is not condoning but simply letting it be and allowing your own heart to heal.

We need two things: a mass collective forgiveness for the past and our own personal forgiveness of ourselves.

The ancestors of every country have made mistakes in the past. We need to ask forgiveness from all of the people we have hurt from these mistakes; the First Nations, the African American, the Jewish, the gay,,…and all others who have been ostracized, alienated and shunned from our societies. Individually and collectively we need to learn from our mistakes through history and move forward towards healing. Acknowledging and owning our mistakes, then asking for forgiveness with humbleness makes a country stronger and shows leadership.

This form of collective forgiveness can begin only when we acknowledge and take responsibility for our own individual past actions and mistakes and have forgiven ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves and don’t feel we deserve love. The ache we feel inside festers and to relieve the pain we lash out at others hoping this will ease the pain. Instead we think it relieves our pain, but only momentarily as soon it comes rushing back tenfold. Hurting others does brings us more pain. Our ego tries to protect us, telling us they deserved it or we deserve more respect. Personal awareness requires being brave and recognizing when our ego is interfering and blocking our alignment with love. This is a daily practice of recognizing ego thoughts and forgiving ourselves and letting ego go.

Wayne Dyer always said ego is edging god out. I love this and feel it is so true. Our ego will give us reasons and excuses for us to use keeping us feeling separate from everyone and the love that we are. That is the mission of the ego; to make you feel different whether that be inferior or superior to everyone else it does not matter, as long as you are on a separate island.

But we are all made of the same stuff and at the core of that ‘stuff’ is love. Our soul is love and so we yearn to return home to that feeling. Have you ever noticed that when something terrible happens, a terrible accident or a death, every other emotion dissipates. All anger or resentment evaporates and you are left with a deep well of caring and love. I’ve noticed and heard others say that when someone dies the anger they had for that person dissipates. That is because the only thing real is love.

My wish for you through this new year is your growing awareness that love is all that matters. That all this physical earth is a fun ride but it is just a ride.

I wish you all your return to love and that you will witness the surrendering to love all around the world.

Less ego and more love worldwide.

Many Creative Blessings,


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