What to do When Things Don’t Work Out

Four Steps to Realigning with Your Creative Energy Source

Unexpected Endings – What to do when things don’t work
Four steps to finding your creative energy source alignment

We have all had those disappointing and dark days in life; you didn’t get the job, the deal for your dream house fell through, you didn’t get the big sale, or any sale, the money came in for your shopping trip but so did an unexpected bill, you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you found out your partner is cheating on you, you go on yet another disappointing date, the scale says you gained another 10 lbs instead of losing it, this list could go on and on, just fill in the blank with your latest deflating event.

Recently I spent a day licking my wounds and reflecting on an event that just didn’t turn out the way I was hoping and visioning. It was not a big life changing event but it was still a disappointing turn of events that had me challenged to stay positive with the way things were headed. I had arranged to have my art on display in a new and different venue and location. I had spent a fair amount of money and time preparing for this event, feeling very hopeful that I would be expanding beyond my regular marketing circle and I really felt the time was right for this to happen. I wanted to bring my work to brand new eyes and I felt this was a great location for it to happen. The day of the event I was filled with excitement and energy!

However, the day did not unfold the way I had imagined. It was a lot of work setting up and taking down the display, and a long day of standing waiting for the throes of people that had been promised to me from other vendors. They never came, it was the wrong type of venue for my art and I came home without any sales to compensate my time and work. Not what I had expected. I was very disappointed to say the least. I had been so hopeful and excited for this new opportunity. But to be honest I had not taken the time to connect the morning of the event and was not centered in the feelings of a successful day. Instead all along I had a nagging thought in the back of my mind that it wasn’t going to be worth it. However, I pushed that away and tried to stay positive. As a result my confidence in my art and creative endeavors was severely deflated.

We can rationalize all we want when there are unexpected twists in life or we can move forward and experience real leaps of growth from these events. But how do you get yourself out of the slump of anger, frustration or depression first, because talking too soon about growing from an event that has made your life take a right hand turn may just make you want to throw your computer at me as you are reading this.

Step 1 - Begin where you are. You may be depressed or angry and that is fine. Recognize that there is nothing wrong with these feelings. Do not try to force yourself out of these feeling but don’t revel in them either. Just accept and acknowledge them.

Step 2 – Meditate - Empty your mind and breathe. Come back to your center and allow this energy to soothe you. No expectations, just be in this flow of healing energy and let go, let go and let go more. Give yourself up to this energy and commune with it. Stay there as long as you can.

Step 3 – After your meditation do something that makes you feel good. Maybe it is just have a quiet day by yourself walking, reading, being in your garden, playing with your pets, go out with your good friends, golf, dance, do yoga, ride a bike, have a nap, read a book, take some time off work and have a mental health day (or week). Just focus on what makes you feel good for this day. Just today do what your heart is calling for. Nurture your self.

Step 4 – Follow the inspiration that comes to you. When we do steps 1-3 there will always be some sort of inspired action that comes to us and we need to listen quietly to this inner voice. What is the next thing you feel inspired to do? Maybe it is to take another day for yourself, or bake a cake, or write. Sometimes step 3 is a day or maybe 30 days long but trust that you are following your heart and your creative energy source will guide you to your next step when you listen carefully. The path will be shown to you.

Pulling ourselves up and away from reacting to the physical world brings unconditional happiness. This takes practice but we can all get there. We need to move back into expansiveness, open our hearts, move away from small mindedness. Disregarding what is happening around you, what can you conjure up? You have no idea what is working behind the scenes, unfolding for you in the near future. There are wonderful new adventures coming down the pipes. Don’t let minor annoyances obscure the rich foundation of what is coming to you and block the power you have to create the life of your dreams. Bring yourself back to believing, don’t let your dreams wither at the edges by letting what you see around you interfere with your creations in the moment.

Commune with that higher creative source energy and realign with the vibrational harmonics that create worlds!

Happy Creating!

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