The Connection Between Spiritual Abundance & Physical Abundance

The Connection Between Physical Abundance and Spiritual Abundance

Are you yearning for more abundance in your life? Physical abundance? More money? Better health or relationships?

Let’s face it, we just came through the holiday season and we could all use a little more money. I know I sure could. No matter how many times I promise myself I am not going to overspend at Christmas, I always fail at that. And I always overindulge with the treats of the season. Not exactly an unexpected ending for me if I would just be honest with myself and my budget.

And so as I prepared for my Dream Mandala evening I found myself looking at what is lacking in my life. These thoughts are sneaky little devils, no matter how much I recognize my gratitudes each day, they slip in there sideways. Realizing this I brought them out to the forefront of my mind and shone the light on them. There I could address it honestly. It brought me back to The Course in Miracles teachings and this is where we began our Dream Mandala evening discussion.

(*In case you are unfamiliar with my Dream Mandala evenings, a Dream Mandala is a tool similar to a vision board, but much more powerful. No cutting & pasting pictures on this baby, just pure intention and feelings)

The spiritual reality of the Universe is that it is endless love, infinitely creative, has clear intention, is full of grace and beauty, is forever abundant and is expansive.  Looking to nature you will easily see this is truth. This is the beauty of life force energy manifested in our world. The Universe, source, God light, life force, chi, goddess energy….is all love and we see and feel this love when we look at the beauty of an old growth forest, a sunrise, a flower blooming, or a baby being born.

The Universe is inherently designed to meet your needs. There is no lack of this life force. Do we ever worry that an oak seed won’t grow? Given the proper conditions it always grows into an oak tree. There is no question that the seed has the life force potential to grow into a beautiful tree or that it will become a whale. The inner potential and intention waits for the conditions to be just right and then the growth begins.

So when we identify only with our physical body and its reality, rather than with our spirit and its reality we are missing the amazing beautiful half of the story. Looking at just the physical conditions in our life causes us to believe our worth is whatever is happening in that day. We look in the mirror and don’t like the way our hair looks or we feel our body weight should be better. Or we experience shortcomings in our bank account. If we are focused on this external material world then we measure our worth with that. We think we are not good enough. And how we feel is directly effects our vibration level and our power to create a life of our desires. Poverty consciousness is one of lack and scarcity and has a very low vibration. Our day to day manifested world fluctuates too much for us to look there for value. It is not possible to have success when we focus on the physical world around us. This identifying with our material world brings diminishing feelings. And we perpetuate experiences of struggle and scarcity. When your focus is on fears of the material world, your circumstances are stuck.

However when we focus on our spiritual being we are full of light and love, always. We are so much more than just our physical bodies and material experiences and we need to wake up. Your spiritual source energy is like a background program running at all times through you. You don’t need to think about it for it to be there, it is there all the time. And this spirit, your life force energy is the same energy you see all around you in nature. There is no lack, no judgment, no blame. It is an ever flowing energy always there flowing into you moment by moment. It is like a waterfall of love and all we have to do is shift our daily awareness to this instead of the outside world. We are all perfect and beautiful in spirit all the time. Focusing on this spiritual plane day to day brings a stability to our worth. Nothing varys in this light. With this focus you can create more consistently in your world.

In The Course in Miracles a shift in your perception that shifts your thinking is a miracle. And a miracle brings new possibilities, new energy and new solutions. You don’t need to find the solution you just need to have faith that a solution is possible.

When you shift your focus to your internal abundance you move away from feelings of scarcity and lack. You move into a stable space where solutions to problems come to you. You just need to stay in the feelings of trust. How could we ever tell this amazing source energy, that keeps our planets in perfect rotation around the sun, what the answer to our problems should be. We can not even begin to have awareness of all the infinite possibilites that this powerful source energy has access to.

This shift in perception allows us to put our focus into faith. Faith that the Universe will guide us. Our role is to stay in this state of mind that believes all will be well and we are filled with the abundance of love flowing openly through us. And if you begin to doubt or worry about how this could possibly happen try a little prayer to the Universe:

Dear Universe,

I know you are infinite in power and grace and I know you want joy and happiness for me. Sometimes I forget this and slide back into fears of being taken care of. Please help me return to love. Help me let go of the worry and come back to trust in this infinite power generously flowing to me from you. Help me open to and feel the love flowing to me. Amen

In A Course in Miracles prayer helps you align with Source again. It helps you have faith in the infinite and eternal number of possibilities, shining with the light of love, that the Universe has lined up for you and is constantly re-aligning you to. Faith is power. Where we put our faith directly influences what happens next.

For too long we have been absorbed with this material world, oblivious to the power of aligning with our spiritual self and beginning there first. We have been scrambling along not recognizing the association of spirit to our physical incarnation.

The Universe manifests through you, creating the highest possibilities for your joy and happiness. Returning our hearts to love opens us to these potentials. Internal abundance creates external abundance. Focus on your spiritual well. Believing and having faith that you are filled with Universal light and that there is a never ending waterfall of this energy for you, will always bring success.

Make this your mantra:

  • Spiritual Abundance Creates Physical Abundance

May 2018 bring you many wonderful creative adventures full of joy!

Happy Creating!


Returning to Love

More Love = Less Ego

Returning to Love

This passed year around the world was such a hurtful year full of angry words, resentment and ego. This is not the focus I like to have when I reflect on the year. As many people know me I prefer to look at the positives and yes there were many positives. But it is hard to look at 2017 and not have all the events from the media roll through your mind like a moving picture.

And so this morning as I reflected, I looked at what would I want for myself, my loved ones and the world in the coming new year.

As a student of The Course of Miracles, I look into the text for guidance and I am brought back to the heart.

The Course in Miracles is a text that teaches us that a miracle is a shift in thought that changes your perception and in return fills your heart with healing and love. It teaches that nothing is real except love and that even time does not exist.

Since the course says time does not exist then the healing or as the text refers to the resurrection does not exist in the future but is in this moment now. The crucifiction has no message without the resurrection. In other words the pain of experiences is not helpful without the learning and growth we receive from it. The miracle brings healing. The Universe does not bring you pain it brings you the miracle.

Let me bring this to a more personal level for you. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, or a relationship, or anything else that has shifted your life to one of heartache, your miracle is the understanding that nothing is real except love. Death is not real, it is a transition; a shedding of a well-used body, but the soul remains. When we pass our soul is on a different frequency, not gone. Nothing of this earth is forever except love. We all know that we will all die one day; everything on this physical plane has its time. This body we are using will not go on forever but the light within us will. We need to untie our bonds to the physical world and allow our hearts to see and feel the truth. When a relationship ends, the love you shared between you lives on forever. The bonds of love you had are there forever, nothing can change that. Only the love that is given and received from our experiences is real. Everything else is not real.

Yes I know, this is deep stuff and takes time to understand but if you look into your heart you know it is truth. Most of us don’t want to think of this until we are forced to. Yes, time softens the emotions of pain and allows you to see more clearly through the love you shared but the miracle happens the moment you shift your perception away from the pain to the love. And the course teaches that prayer brings the miracle. When you are struggling ask for help through prayer.

This brings us to my thoughts of where we are on this earth globally and what we need to move forward with peace.

We people here on earth are not bad; we are wounded. We have alienated ourselves from the true Universal love that we are born with and is inherent in all of us. Our fear of this light keeps us from trusting in the Universe.

The first thing we need is forgiveness. I once heard forgiveness is giving up on the idea that the past could be something different. The past is done. Moving forward into forgiveness means allowing that to be, and focusing on the future. Forgiveness is not condoning but simply letting it be and allowing your own heart to heal.

We need two things: a mass collective forgiveness for the past and our own personal forgiveness of ourselves.

The ancestors of every country have made mistakes in the past. We need to ask forgiveness from all of the people we have hurt from these mistakes; the First Nations, the African American, the Jewish, the gay,,…and all others who have been ostracized, alienated and shunned from our societies. Individually and collectively we need to learn from our mistakes through history and move forward towards healing. Acknowledging and owning our mistakes, then asking for forgiveness with humbleness makes a country stronger and shows leadership.

This form of collective forgiveness can begin only when we acknowledge and take responsibility for our own individual past actions and mistakes and have forgiven ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves and don’t feel we deserve love. The ache we feel inside festers and to relieve the pain we lash out at others hoping this will ease the pain. Instead we think it relieves our pain, but only momentarily as soon it comes rushing back tenfold. Hurting others does brings us more pain. Our ego tries to protect us, telling us they deserved it or we deserve more respect. Personal awareness requires being brave and recognizing when our ego is interfering and blocking our alignment with love. This is a daily practice of recognizing ego thoughts and forgiving ourselves and letting ego go.

Wayne Dyer always said ego is edging god out. I love this and feel it is so true. Our ego will give us reasons and excuses for us to use keeping us feeling separate from everyone and the love that we are. That is the mission of the ego; to make you feel different whether that be inferior or superior to everyone else it does not matter, as long as you are on a separate island.

But we are all made of the same stuff and at the core of that ‘stuff’ is love. Our soul is love and so we yearn to return home to that feeling. Have you ever noticed that when something terrible happens, a terrible accident or a death, every other emotion dissipates. All anger or resentment evaporates and you are left with a deep well of caring and love. I’ve noticed and heard others say that when someone dies the anger they had for that person dissipates. That is because the only thing real is love.

My wish for you through this new year is your growing awareness that love is all that matters. That all this physical earth is a fun ride but it is just a ride.

I wish you all your return to love and that you will witness the surrendering to love all around the world.

Less ego and more love worldwide.

Many Creative Blessings,


Block or Invitation?

Are You Experiencing a Block or an Invitation to Soar Higher?

Sometimes a block isn’t so much a block but rather an invitation to soar higher.

You know when life gives you that unexpected ending? When the creative wind at your back drops off and the sails droop. Your zest for life has fallen like a kite to the ground and you feel like you are in the black hole of creativity. You feel tamped down. Maybe things have become mundane or perhaps your common thoughts are keeping you from dreaming?

And you think the Universe is conspiring against you and saying, “Ha, ha, nope not this time. I was just kidding with you, you can’t have that.”

We’ve all had it happen and when this happens to me, my initial reaction to my perceived betrayal of the Universe is to retreat and creep back to my safety zone; all I need is my family. I pull a blanket over my head and just do what I know I can do. “No more adventures and risk taking for me, nope not this girl, I’m good right here on my sofa with my blanket and familiar spaces. At least my family loves me and I have my dogs! I’ll be fine right here.”

But what if we are reading the message wrong? Could this be the Universe pushing us forward into new territory? Away from the safety zone and into new adventures and new risks. Being a creative means feeling alive through our creative exploration everyday and not getting stuck in clockwork routines. We need to feel fresh and free to allow these juices to flow. Maybe when things don’t go as we expect it is because the Universe has a bigger and better plan for us and is redirecting our route to one that will help us grow and expand.

Have you been asking for more? More expansion and freedom? What are the keywords that you have been using in your life lately? Are they here now creating space in your life for exactly that?

Expansion, freedom, joy are all part of co-creating with this force, so maybe this event of perceived rejection is the divine guidance saying, “Enough of this, time for you to move on to bigger. You have outgrown this space.” And you need to say “Yes, bring it on!” With all your heart and a clear intention knowing you can handle anything that comes your way.

And when you can allow this possibility, hope will peek out of the box and you will feel your energy rising. And then your creativity begins to really flow!

And then what?

Get quiet and listen closely to hear the divine inspiration and welcome it in when it knocks on the door.

Happy Creating!


Untethered Freedom

Untethered Freedom

Untethered Freedom

I remember, many years ago, driving home after a hard day’s work in a oppressive office setting. I was driving down a country road as we lived in a small town at that time and there were horses in the field next to me. As my car passed them they started to run along the fence line with my car. I felt an immediate release within me, letting go of all the stress of the day that was weighing me down. They brought me back to the moment and I laughed out loud as I watched them playfully kick up their heels and swing their necks. It lasted only a few seconds but the feeling is still with me today.

In Alberta, many of us are missing that feeling of freedom right now. It has been very dry here, in many ways. We have pulled so much from the earth through the oilfield work, there has not been enough rain this summer in many areas and the farmers are feeling it. Our economy has been dry for so long now and as school is starting up families are feeling the pressures of buying clothes and school supplies, shoes and fees for a new year. We can feel tethered down by all the ‘stuff’ in our lives….car payments, mortgage payments. Negativity begins to weigh on us especially when we go to make those monthly payments. We feel quite the opposite of freedom.

When really these are gifts we have brought into our lives. This is a lifestyle we have manifested and it easy to lighten the load and get rid of those things if that is what we choose to do (not your kids please). But it only takes a shift in your perspective to begin to make changes in your life and bring in the light again. If we can shift back to feeling the gratitude for the lifestyle, we will begin to feel the tethers loosening and the feeling of freedom coming back. We have choices, always choices and how we look at our lives is a choice. Freedom feels lightweight, like ease and flow, expansive and full of adventures and that feeling is always free and always available to us. When we can capture that feeling…then things in life begin to shift and bring more of that into our lives.

Here in this beautiful country we have horses all around us, reminding us of the beauty and freedom we have in our lives with free will. We even still have wild horses and there are not many places in the world that can say that. Drive through our beautiful back country, watch the horses and connect to your feeling of freedom. In Alberta, we love our horses, our land, our big skies and our freedom. When we feel this again, everything else will shift and the abundance will flow again. This dry time is temporary.

I hope you enjoy ‘Untethered Freedom’ and your day today.

Unclaimed Freedom

Three Steps to Claim Your Freedom

Unclaimed Freedom

There was a time in my life that I didn’t believe I could have freedom. I learned it was just a matter of perspective. One small shift in the way I approached life brought miracles into my life. What better image than a horse to represent freedom on the verge of awakening.

If you saw my vlog on Untethered Freedom I talked about that shift in perspective and how important it is to see things morph in your life from one of stress to one of joy. And once you bring those wonderful feelings of freedom and joy into your life, your life begins to manifest more of just that.

But how do you get started? Here is my 3 steps to release that I talk about in chapter 4 Moving Out of the Survival Energy in my book The Creation Guild.

#1. Set your intention – you need to want to release the stress and negativity, the struggle. This needs to be clear in your intention. You want to find peace in your heart. Your number one goal is to feel good again. You are tired of carrying this weight around and want it gone. You are sending out a clear intention to the universe that you have had enough and are ready to grow and move on from this heaviness weighing you down.

#2. Let go of the ego – You need to allow yourself to be yourself up to all possibilities and recognize that you don’t have all the answers. When you do this, and don’t try to figure it all out on your own,  you open yourself up to the answers that can come to you in so many different ways.  Be ready to say, I am wrong, I need help and I can change.

#3. Open your heart – Be truly grateful for all the lessons you have learned through the difficult struggles in your life. Those are the times of amazing potential for growth.  Open to these lessons and appreciate them fully. You can’t manifest in your life with anger, resentment or guilt hanging around. Those energies are too low and miracles just don’t hang out with those friends. So open your heart through gratitude and appreciation.

Remember friends when you are going through hell, it is always temporary. This too shall pass and claiming your freedom is really just a shift in your perspective.

How to Create Financial Ease and Flow

Learn how to intentionally manifest money

We all strive for a life of financial ease but do you know how to intentionally manifest it into your life? Money seems to come easily to others but maybe not so much for you?
Here is what you need to know:

1. Money is energy. It flows and moves just like any other energy. Think of energy flowing like water or air. It just naturally moves and flows and when it doesn’t it becomes stagnant or polluted.

2. You can not manifest money into your life from a place of tension and stress. The first thing you need to do is take small steps to help guide yourself to a place of feeling better and better when you think of money; sort of like climbing the emotional ladder to reach the height of effortless manifestation. When you get to the top of the ladder you will be amazed at how easy it is to bring money into your life.

When you think of your financial situation instead of your emotions and body tightening up, what is one thought that will help you feel slightly better, relieving just a bit of that tension. Here are some examples that may work for you:
• Today, in this moment, I have everything I need.
• This is a temporary situation, it is not forever.
• I am doing pretty good considering the situation.
• I know there is plenty of abundance out in this world and there is plenty available for me.
• Miracles happen every day and miracles can happen for me too.
• I know I am not being punished for anything, this is just the result of the law of attraction.
• The law of attraction does not judge, it simply is a law.
• If this is the result of the law of attraction then I can turn things around for me.
• The world is full of abundance and there is more than enough for everyone.
As you move through these words feel the tightness begin to release and breathe deeply into this feeling. Keep walking yourself through these thoughts step by step moving closer to thoughts of appreciation in your life.
• I had a warm place to sleep last night.
• I have clothes to wear today.
• I have a bit of food and water to help me get through this day.
Add to this list, from your life, all the things that you have around you to be grateful for.
To manifest abundance in your life you need to have feelings of ease around the thoughts of money. This may need to be practiced a few times a day but each time you feel yourself think of money and tighten up, walk yourself through the steps so you move up that ladder.
Money is energy that flows. Money in; money out is what keeps our economical world growing and expanding. Allowing this energy to move in easily and flow out will build trust that it can effortlessly move back into your life at any moment. Grasping and tension will block the flow in. But opening, expanding and allowing will attract money into your life and it will fill the voids as it is needed.
Each time you think of money, breathe deeply and think:

Financial Ease and Flow!
Happy Creating!
Janice Gallant
The Creation Guild Book - Learn how to intentionally manifest the life of your dreams

What to do When Things Don’t Work Out

Four Steps to Realigning with Your Creative Energy Source

Unexpected Endings – What to do when things don’t work
Four steps to finding your creative energy source alignment

We have all had those disappointing and dark days in life; you didn’t get the job, the deal for your dream house fell through, you didn’t get the big sale, or any sale, the money came in for your shopping trip but so did an unexpected bill, you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you found out your partner is cheating on you, you go on yet another disappointing date, the scale says you gained another 10 lbs instead of losing it, this list could go on and on, just fill in the blank with your latest deflating event.

Recently I spent a day licking my wounds and reflecting on an event that just didn’t turn out the way I was hoping and visioning. It was not a big life changing event but it was still a disappointing turn of events that had me challenged to stay positive with the way things were headed. I had arranged to have my art on display in a new and different venue and location. I had spent a fair amount of money and time preparing for this event, feeling very hopeful that I would be expanding beyond my regular marketing circle and I really felt the time was right for this to happen. I wanted to bring my work to brand new eyes and I felt this was a great location for it to happen. The day of the event I was filled with excitement and energy!

However, the day did not unfold the way I had imagined. It was a lot of work setting up and taking down the display, and a long day of standing waiting for the throes of people that had been promised to me from other vendors. They never came, it was the wrong type of venue for my art and I came home without any sales to compensate my time and work. Not what I had expected. I was very disappointed to say the least. I had been so hopeful and excited for this new opportunity. But to be honest I had not taken the time to connect the morning of the event and was not centered in the feelings of a successful day. Instead all along I had a nagging thought in the back of my mind that it wasn’t going to be worth it. However, I pushed that away and tried to stay positive. As a result my confidence in my art and creative endeavors was severely deflated.

We can rationalize all we want when there are unexpected twists in life or we can move forward and experience real leaps of growth from these events. But how do you get yourself out of the slump of anger, frustration or depression first, because talking too soon about growing from an event that has made your life take a right hand turn may just make you want to throw your computer at me as you are reading this.

Step 1 - Begin where you are. You may be depressed or angry and that is fine. Recognize that there is nothing wrong with these feelings. Do not try to force yourself out of these feeling but don’t revel in them either. Just accept and acknowledge them.

Step 2 – Meditate - Empty your mind and breathe. Come back to your center and allow this energy to soothe you. No expectations, just be in this flow of healing energy and let go, let go and let go more. Give yourself up to this energy and commune with it. Stay there as long as you can.

Step 3 – After your meditation do something that makes you feel good. Maybe it is just have a quiet day by yourself walking, reading, being in your garden, playing with your pets, go out with your good friends, golf, dance, do yoga, ride a bike, have a nap, read a book, take some time off work and have a mental health day (or week). Just focus on what makes you feel good for this day. Just today do what your heart is calling for. Nurture your self.

Step 4 – Follow the inspiration that comes to you. When we do steps 1-3 there will always be some sort of inspired action that comes to us and we need to listen quietly to this inner voice. What is the next thing you feel inspired to do? Maybe it is to take another day for yourself, or bake a cake, or write. Sometimes step 3 is a day or maybe 30 days long but trust that you are following your heart and your creative energy source will guide you to your next step when you listen carefully. The path will be shown to you.

Pulling ourselves up and away from reacting to the physical world brings unconditional happiness. This takes practice but we can all get there. We need to move back into expansiveness, open our hearts, move away from small mindedness. Disregarding what is happening around you, what can you conjure up? You have no idea what is working behind the scenes, unfolding for you in the near future. There are wonderful new adventures coming down the pipes. Don’t let minor annoyances obscure the rich foundation of what is coming to you and block the power you have to create the life of your dreams. Bring yourself back to believing, don’t let your dreams wither at the edges by letting what you see around you interfere with your creations in the moment.

Commune with that higher creative source energy and realign with the vibrational harmonics that create worlds!

Happy Creating!

Going From a Funk to Inspired Creations!

Where Does the Motivation to Create Come From?

Ever have one of those mornings where you just can’t pull yourself out of bed? As you open your eyes and recognize the new day your mind immediately begins to rattle through all the ‘to do’ and ‘I should’ thoughts, giving you your orders for the day.

You think about all the things that you need to get done but your body lays there willing the day to disappear? Maybe you have had more than one or a couple mornings in a row like this. You are in a slump and you keep trying to pull yourself out but it doesn’t matter what you do, your immediate thoughts each morning are the workload ahead of you. Do you look at others and think, ‘How do they do it? Where do they get the energy to do all that?’

I recently had a couple conversations with two different people who asked, “Where does that desire or motivation to create come from? How do you find the energy to get up and follow through with your projects? It all just feels like work to me. The feeling to pull myself together and get going is fleeting and when I don’t follow through I am filled with feelings of guilt. I have all this stuff to do and I dabble around avoiding it and then the time slips away and I have accomplished very little of what needed to get done.”

I get it! I completely get this feeling as I am sure we all do! I have felt it too. I was completely drained living the life completing the list of to do’s and I shoulds. I know we can live a respectable life that way and reach goals, however, there will come a morning when you open your eyes and just can’t do it anymore.

You will look up and yell, “Really? Is this all there is to this life? Really? There must be more!”

And when you do get here, congratulations! Life is about to change dramatically!

Our actions to move forward need to be inspired actions. We are intrinsically creators. This is the core of who we are. And we are happiest when we are creating.

So what is an inspired action and how do I get there from here?

Here is what I know about getting to inspired action:

First of all we need to give ourselves permission to just BE. Our lives are moving so quickly and are so filled with daily action that we don’t allow ourselves to take back a part of our day just for us. As you plan your day, begin to plan a block of time just for you. In this block of time you will be able to do whatever it is you want to do. Even if it is sitting and staring into space (trust me there is value in this). You could read, watch t.v., go for a walk, whatever it is your heart is crying out for in that moment. Do whatever you want to do. And you are allowed to do this without any feelings of guilt at all. No guilt. You need a bit of time each day to be your own. This time is all yours, just for you; a time to shut off the mind chatter and spend with just you again.

A word of caution: be sure you don’t do this one day and then not again until the next month! This needs to be built into each day even if it is just 20 minutes some days. As time passes, you will find that you wake up in the morning and your first thoughts will be about what you are going to do in your ‘me’ time, instead of your ‘to do’ list. It is a beautiful feeling. It feels like a such a luxury!
When you do this, magic begins to happen! First of all, those feelings of luxury, gratitude for your own space, happiness and a sense of looking forward to this time, will all begin to trickle out into other areas of your life. And where your vibration is at is exactly what the Law of Attraction is all about!

Next you will find that in this quiet time is where inspiration will come to you. Your inspired ideas, or solutions to problems require you to be open to this flow for you to receive them. Inspired action will come to you. And following through on these ideas will fill your life with freshness and new energy, along with new adventures!

These inspirations will begin to unfold a life of excitement that will have you opening your eyes in the morning with anticipation for the new day!

Suddenly instead of laying in bed willing yourself to begin your day, you will be energized and want to get the day going with a smile on your face!

Happy Day Creators!

How to Create your 2017 Without Fear!

Moving from Fear & Finding the Sweet Spot to Create in 2017

I’ve heard so many speak of how happy they are to see 2016 move out and allow the New Year to bring better times. I can totally relate to that as 2016 brought its share of challenges for me and my family. I know that I want to leave 2016 with appreciation rather than anger or resentment, or a good riddance to you feeling. I needed to reflect on the struggles this year has presented to me and find the beauty of these struggles.

We create our own reality? Really?

I have had my fair share of wondering, “How could I have possibly created this?”

It is during these difficult times that I can struggle to believe we create our own reality and wonder why in the world would I create this?
This is especially hard when life is going just great and you are feeling good and then BAM you lose your job, or you get sick, or someone you love gets seriously sick, or someone has an accident, or worse - they die, or the love of your life leaves you for someone else, or some other traumatizing event happens throwing you off your hill of happiness. It happens in an instant. Fear engulfs us, shrouding any possible sliver of light to shine through. Our minds quickly begin to roll around the negative. We delve into these shadows bringing to mind every bad experience we have ever had or heard of.

Remembering those personal past experiences can be the worst ones for trapping us. You can feel the choking hold that fear has on you. You fear those bad times are coming back again. Days can go by with this fear gripping you. And you feel you will never get out of this hole. You can feel it in your body, lingering. Everyone feels it in their body in different ways. I feel it in my solar plexus like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. Sometimes it can be so bad that you may feel that you will never smile or laugh again. I won’t talk about it. I clam up and hold it close in my body, pulling in tightly.

You cannot create from this space and you do not want to stay here.

How do you pull yourself up when the conditions around you are giving you every reason to be in fear, anger or sadness?

Here is what I have learned.

When I am in this place of choking on the heaviness of fear, I can only be there for a short time and then I begin to feel the emotional exhaustion. I tend to think I need to fix the situation by some sort of action, or maybe I can control it in some way.

I feel myself moving from fear and victimization into anger. I suddenly get fed up and angry with the Universe for plunking me into this mess. How could I have created this? I will have my rant to the Universe either in my writing journals or often when I am driving down the highway, alone in my car. I will yell, complain and vent, hitting my steering wheel letting the Universe know that I AM FED UP! I AM DONE WITH THIS FEELING OF BEING SCARED ALL THE TIME! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE! I DON’T DESERVE THIS! At this point I begin to defend my position. I HAVE WORKED HARD IN MY LIFE....blah, blah, blah.

And suddenly through this angry rant I begin to feel a bit of release happening because as I let my anger out I am releasing control and letting go. I can see a crack of light through my fear. I can feel my heart expand and my solar plexus release. I am reminded that I have been here many times in my life, and each time I rise to the top. I finally let go of trying to control the situation and instead move into the feelings I want to create in my life. My focus, clarity and intention swell up inside me and this brings a shift to the situation.

You see when we begin to really see our own power and connection to our Source Energy, there is no room for fear.

My rant quickly moves from one of anger and resentment to one of clear vision and gratitude and this is the key to unlocking the door to new opportunities, and miracles.

We feel our power again, which requires no controlling or force in the situation. When you feel that crack of light coming through this is the time to remind yourself that everything always does work out for you. This is temporary and you will get through it. There is so much help out there for you if you just open and allow it to flow. Open to the flow and allow the Universe to play this out. You are manifesting a beautiful, wonderful world for yourself. Every day you are a new person and past experiences no longer matter. Past experiences are who you were, not who you are now!

You will have allowed yourself to be open to miracles happening; maybe in the form of an inspired solution to your problem, or meeting the right person to help you move through your situation with grace and gratitude, and many times it may be that you get a new job that brings wonderful new opportunities, or a long needed rest for your health to recover with a renewed appreciation for life, or a financial windfall of some kind.

You see the Universe doesn’t want you to suffer and does not put you into situations to teach you a lesson. You create that yourself; the

Universe pulls you through with grace and love when you open to allow that into your life.
We are human and we vacillate between trusting and then wanting to control, or feeling victimized in this world. When terrible things are happening to you or around you, stay in your center of connection with your source and you will impact the situation in a positive way.

Standing in fear, anger, guilt or resentment keeps us blocked from the flow of miracles.

So look back at 2016 and make a list of all the good that came from the struggle. You are bigger and better, more expanded from those challenges. And when you feel the gratitude flow through you and a sense of pride for what you have come through, then you are ready to manifest your new year.

Welcome 2017 with a heart of joy and enthusiasm, leaving no room for fear at all!

Happy Creating! Cheers,

Finding Your ‘THIS IS IT’ Moments!

Being Aware of ‘THIS IS IT!” Moments will Manifest a Life of Happiness & Dream Creations!

We are in the midst of the holiday season and it can be difficult to stop and just breathe. Our days are filled with rushing around, making preparations, shopping, attending events, all with a very full schedule that seems to continually fill up with more and more activities.
This season my husband and I were invited to a December wedding in Canmore. A beautiful ceremony in the mountains that we were honored to be present along with our friends. Who wouldn’t love to go to a winter wedding in the mountains? It was magical.
When the day came it was very cold as it usually is in December in the mountains; however it was an especially cold day and evening reaching down to -30 celsius.
Of course it had been a busy week getting things prepared to attend this wedding, along with other festive activities, and both of us were fighting off that seasonal flu bug that had been going around. We were tired, as so many are at this time of year. But we made it and were happy to be there.
After the ceremony, the family went off for pictures and we went off to have supper at a local restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant we were surprised to find it was completely empty. We had the dining room to ourselves and were seated in front of the fireplace. The waitress thought the cold was keeping people tucked away in their own homes and chalets. This was probably so, as it was extremely cold even for the locals. We ordered some drinks and our meals and while we waited I gazed out the windows that surrounded us to the amazing scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Suddenly I became fully present in this moment and felt the energy surge through me. I looked at my husband and excitedly exclaimed, “This is it! This is it!”
Startled he looked at me and said, “What? What are you talking about?”
“This is it! These are the moments! These are THE moments!”
He smiled, slowly grasping where my thoughts were headed.
I continued, “These are the moments! Look around! Look at where we are! Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains on a winter day, in front of a warm fire in a lovely rustic restaurant, a glass of wine in front of me, with my husband who I have loved since I was a young teenager, and a delicious meal on its way! These are the moments that make life so perfect! Oh my gosh! I have dreamed of this! If this is the best that it gets, I am forever grateful!”
We all love beautiful spaces and places and this was one of exceptional beauty.
Many years ago, when we were first married, I used to dream about a romantic winter weekend getaway in the mountains. Of course then we lived on the other side of this country and a weekend getaway would have cost us thousands of dollars. I had never seen the mountains and as a young married couple, this remained in my dreams.
Thirty-four years later, somehow here we were!
Clarity is a beautiful thing and brings you instantly to the present. It was at this moment that I realized what had transpired from those dreams without any effort or planning. It had just transpired on its own, in its own timing.
I share this story with you, certainly not to boast, instead my hope is to inspire you in two ways:
 One is that to reinforce for you that we are the creator of what manifests in our lives,
 And the other is to be aware of those moments and open your heart to them, thereby creating more and more of these experiences.
The more we are aware of the gifts in our life, the more the Universe responds and delivers even more. I know there are many more moments to come in my life and I’m sure there will be bigger and better, because I have seen it in my mind. When we are fully aware and present in those moments at the point of manifestation, expanding our hearts with gratitude, we open the flow for more of our dreams to manifest in our lives.
The holiday season is incredibly busy for everyone. We work full days, rush around on our evenings and weekends getting ready for all the gatherings of family and friends, with barely enough energy left over to enjoy these events. And yet it is filled with these potential moments if we become fully aware of them. You to be ready for them!
Taking time to be playful and creative helps relieve the stress and opens you to the flow. Slow down, breathe, play games, color, decorate, bake, read, ski, do whatever you do that makes you happy. And practice being fully present in the moments with your loved ones. Put away the phone and look them in the eye. Be fully present for them. And when you do, you will find you are fully present for you too.
I write these words knowing I have much work to do around this. My mind continually pulls my thoughts here and there, planning and making lists. But this peaceful presence is where I want to be, this is what I strive for. These are the moments I want to experience in life because isn’t this what it means to live a life of happiness as opposed to a happy life?
These are the moments that make our life rich and full. These are the memories we savor when we look back on our life; gathering with family and friends, good food and conversation, bonding us together.
Connect to your creative, playful energy to open your heart and just enjoy the moments. Recognize the ‘this is it!’ moments in your life; the ones that fill your heart.
Happy holidays everyone and wishing you a new year filled with your own creative energy!

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